Camping Or Glamping – Which One Should You Choose?

Camping is a popular recreation for nature-lovers in the Netherlands, as there are plenty of natural campsites in different parts of this country. Though lots of local people and foreign tourists love camping in the Netherlands, many of them may miss the homely comfort and several facilities in these traditional camps. They need to stay overnight in tents amidst the wild nature, without any parking space nearby to garage their cars. So, it can be difficult for rich men and women to enjoy this outdoor activity without their usual comfort, despite the spirit of adventure involved in camping.

Hence, the concept of glamping has gained huge popularity among people, who adore this idea of luxurious camping with all the modern amenities provided in the accommodations at campsites. The word ‘glamping’ is coined by combining the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, which denotes luxurious camping that resembles a hotel stay. There are many contrast characteristics noted in camping and glamping, which help people in choosing any specific one of these two recreations in the Netherlands.

Distinctions between camping and glamping

Mode of accommodation – Normally, people set up tents that just provide shelter for a night and protect them from the rain while camping. On the contrary, the accommodations provided for glamping are equipped with electricity and a continuous water supply, apart from other essential amenities.

Comfort for sleeping – An ordinary camp will not have a proper bed and people need to carry their own sleeping bags or bedding to spend the night in the tents. However, people enjoy sleeping on a comfortable bed while glamping, which is provided with a mattress, pillow, and bed linen.

Cooking option – Generally, people need to grill or roast food items on a bonfire lit before the tent while camping. Now, they enjoy cooking on a hotplate or a stove when they prefer glamping at popular glampsites in the Netherlands.

Bathroom facilities – Mostly, people need to relieve themselves among the dense woods while camping or they may avail of a communal bathroom nearby. But a proper bathroom with a continuous supply of warm water and other amenities is available with the accommodation in each glamping site.

Indoor temperature – Nights are colder in the Netherlands throughout the year due to the temperate climate. On a camping site, people need to bring warm clothes and blankets to keep themselves warm at night. On the contrary, glamping sites are provided with burning wood or a stove to keep the indoors warmer for people spending the night there.

All these comparisons show that glamping is a better option when people prefer to spend more comfortable nights even amidst nature. Many glamping sites provide the comfort of staying in resorts along with the views of a natural park. Lodge tents with well-decked bedrooms, private bathrooms, and kitchens are preferred over traditional camping in the Netherlands now. All the facilities provided here, like electricity and water, are found to be eco-friendly. So, people can spend cozy holidays with their families at these glamping sites while enjoying the adventure of living in the wild. Many agencies offer arrangements for enjoyable glampings at various natural parks in the Netherlands.