Best South Pacific Islands to Visit Now 

When you think about South Pacific Islands, a vivid picture of palm trees, blue waters, and perfect sunny days will register in your mind. The area has some of the most fantastic and appealing Islands on Earth. As a student, you can enjoy our trip and write essay for money passing a writing task to the experts. Here are some of the islands.

  1. French Polynesia Bora Bora. 

Bora Bora is by far the most beautiful island in the Pacific South. You can view the pics of Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu from the sea. It is quite an adventurous place as the sea and the land go hand-in-hand with providing adventure.

  1. Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki is underrated heaven. The island light between Samoa and French Polynesia and gets linked to New Zealand. It boasts as the second most visited island, and it’s a 45 minutes’ flight from Rarotonga, where the international airport stands.

Towards the north, the island neighbors the Cook Island attractions, which is the lagoon. The string of great resorts located along the shores also makes the island maintain a traditional and relaxed feel, bundled up with the friendly locals.

  1. The Mamanuca Islands, located in Fiji 

The island has beautiful beaches, blue seas, and moderate sunshine. There are plenty of resorts, and you can choose the luxury options if you want to feel the best of them.

  1. Samoa

Samoa is among the best islands in the Pacific South. It is stunning and unsullied. It resulted from a volcanic eruption that led to the becoming of the toothy peaks and rugged rocks. There is a rich assortment of lush jungles and waterfalls with a touch of coral reefs.

The locals are also welcoming and still cling to their various traditional and cultural values.

As a visitor, you will enjoy various adventures, including Diving and snorkeling on the reefs, kayaking, swimming, and game fishing.

Lalomanu Beach provides a large area where you can bask, cycle or hike the forest terrain. You can also watch the beautiful waterfalls.

  1. The Solomon Islands 

The island is located three hours in flight away from Australia and constitutes about 1000 islands.

The island lies between Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. You can do many activities that include snorkeling in the clouds of fish on the reefs, or surf a wave in Tagovave or Malaita, or dive to see the shipwrecks of World War 2.

The Solomon Islands also has a rich biodiversity that is evident in the sea and even on land. It is filled with coral reefs and has a lot of sea life.

  1. Palau 

If you are a lover of Diving, then Palau should be your destination. Over 500 islands offer art of topographic beauty and are home to an array of fish species.

There’s an abandoned marine life that includes sea snakes, sharks, crayfish, and turtles. There is plenty of land Adventures since 75% of the land is covered in mangrove and Forest, and you can also like to see the waterfalls and Stone Monuments.

Koror, the main commercial town, is home to museums and monuments from World War 2. If you want to enjoy being on this island, look no further and take a boat trip towards Rock Island. Here you can snorkel in Clearwater, or go kayaking in paddles, or you can instead bask on the white sandy beaches.