What are the Best Airbnb Charging Station

The hospitality world is changing at a rapid pace. It is essential to provide a comfortable stay along with an EV charging station for your guests. This charging station will serve two purposes. First, it will act as a charging point for your guests whilst empowering the need for more eco-friendly Tesla cars. Secondly, it will enhance in reducing the vehicle emission from gas-powered vehicles. You might wonder, how this is possible. Airbnb is here to help you out in arranging for the facilities for serving your guests and offering them reliable EV charging stations.

Installing an EV charging station in your rental property helps your guests and allows you to earn few extra money.

What are the ways the Best Airbnb Charging Station can serve you?

If your location is a famous travel destination for travelers, then it is necessary to offer your guests a top-quality charging station. It will enhance the market value of your property. Installing a charging station in your property will allow your guests to charge their Tesla powered vehicles easily.

Many guests always prefer to stay in a location that is loaded with all necessary amenities and facilities. If you are having an Airbnb listing with an EV charging station, then you can attract more guests to your property.

What is the Best Airbnb Charging Station?

Many big companies around the world are trying to develop the most efficient Tesla powered vehicles and convenient charging stations. While Airbnb rental owners and travelers are also searching for some high-quality options that can meet their charging requirement while traveling.

As you are aware that vehicles are becoming an essential part of human life. Though the latest brands have come up with Tesla powered vehicles and is offering an eco-friendly vehicle in the automobile market. However, an Airbnb arrangement can make your property rank higher among your guests by providing complimentary service. This complimentary service will enable your premium guests to enjoy their travel at the best of comfort and also make them avoid fee-based charging stations.

So, which is the Best Airbnb Charging Station?

The answer is JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charging Station. This is a special high power indoor and outdoor charging station that every Airbnb property should have. This charging station is powered with special cable management for managing messing of wires at your place. Both the guests and the host can enjoy this smooth web-based and app-based charging station easily. Apart from this, it comes with a voice recognition software Alexa and Echo that allows voice control facility over the charging station.

Many industry experts believe this charging station is perfect for every host and their house that provides quick charging. Moreover, this charging station is available with a 24-foot cable and is protected by a strong aluminum-based waterproof enclosure. It can send you alert signals when the charging station is offline or online.

You won’t find an EV charger filter on their website. However, you can even look at the Airbnbase website to get any information about the EV charging places. This will lead to saving your time and troubles.