Tips and Tricks to Find the Perfect Airbnb with Hot Sauna

The people who love staying in a hotel likes prefers taking a hot bath when they check-in to their hotel room. Not only does this makes them feel warm and comfortable, but also reduces their travel stress and fatigue. It takes them to a relaxation mode and rejuvenates their body and mind. Similarly, while booking your room in an Airbnb listing, many travelers like to have a hot sauna in the rental property. A hot sauna can offer relief from fatigue and travel woes.

But few tricks will help you to find the perfect Airbnb listing with hot saunas.


The most interesting part of Airbnb listing is the option of picking your community or neighborhood of your choice. But picking the right option becomes difficult and confusing at times. So, it is better to do some extensive research about the property through the internet. You can even check your local Airbnb guides or can take suggestions from friends and family members.

When you have decided on your location, you can now search according to the filter option in that location. Though, Airbnb will never provide you with the exact location of the Airbnb listing. Hence, you need to do a bit of detective work. You can even take the help of Google Earth for this purpose and that will give you a fair idea of where your hot sauna is located.

Narrow Down your Filter

The best and the worst part of Airbnb is that it has dozens of choices at your disposal making your selection job quite difficult. During your search or the city you intend to visit, you can see the option “More Filters”. However, before you move forward to any other option, just click this option. You will see a drop-down menu appearing before you. Now you can filter the options of your choice like the number of bedrooms, facilities, property rules, or the language the house owner is comfortable speaking with you.

The main idea is to be able to see the choices you intend to have during your stay. Therefore, make sure to check the options while booking that will allow you to feel at home. If unsure, you can request your host about the amenities or if they are offering a hot sauna to you.

Consider the Budget

The rates of Airbnb varies from location to location. The good news is that staying in an Airbnb listing is cheaper than staying in a hotel. Booking in advance can lead you to save more money through discounts and schemes if you are staying more than a week. So, you need to fix a budget for your travel, and it is no use to look for places that you won’t be able to pay. You need to check the costs while planning for your stay in an Airbnb listing that is providing you with a hot sauna.

How can you search for an Airbnb listing with Hot Sauna?

If you go on their website, you will see that they don’t really have an Airbnb sauna filter. For booking your hot sauna, you need to visit the Airbnbase website. Here you can see the locations that are offering hot sauna to you or its nearby places in another location. By clicking a single button, you can access all the rental places that are providing hot sauna bath to you.