Great places to see in the UK outside of London

So many people come to the UK every year and they land at the airport travel to their central London hotel and they will never venture outside of London. It is a real shame as there is so much more for people to see than just sightseeing in London.

The UK has some spectacular attractions and wonderful scenery and many people will agree that the further you go out of London the nicer the people are! So below are some great places outside of London that you should get out and see in order to make the most of your time in the UK.

Lundy Island, North Devon

Lundy Island is located off the North Devon Coast and is a wonderful tiny island that has one tiny hotel on it and a pub. You can walk across the seaside to get to it when the tide is out but once the tide comes in, you will need to get a boat!

You can often see pods of Dolphins swimming around the island and also great grey seals will often come and greet you as you step off the boat. The island is also inhabited by Puffins in March and April so that is a pretty great time to go and see this wonderful island.


These ancient Stones have stood the test of time for over 5000 years and it is one of the worlds most popular attractions. You really have to hear the story behind how the Stones got to where they are today in order to be truly impressed.

They estimate that it took 500 men for every single stone to transport the Stones to their current location. Stonehenge is located in the middle of the countryside and in its peaceful surroundings its often a lovely way to spend a couple of hours outside of London and to enjoy a nice pub lunch mixed in with it. It is only located about an hour and a half outside of London by car and there are frequent express Stonehenge tours daily to visit it.

Windsor Castle

One of the last remaining castles still lived in by royalty, this is believed to be the Queens favoured residence and when you visit it you can understand why. The Castle is very well set out and the rooms are magnificent, the town of Windsor is also very popular with tourists and there is a vibrant feel to the place with its cosmopolitan shops and trendy restaurants it is easy to understand why so many people of all ages are found in the area. If you are taking a tour of Windsor, you should also consider taking a cruise up the Thames and seeing areas such as Eton, Datchet and even heading up to Henley where the Royal Regatta takes place every year.

Roman Baths, Bath

The city of Bath is very different to London and most other cities in the UK, it is easily commutable as a day trip out of London to Bath by coach, train or car and there are daily tours that head there. You can actually have a swim in the ancient Roman Baths and try out their freezing plunge pool, it will knock your socks off it is so cold! Bath is a popular place to visit because it also has amazing shops, restaurants and pubs and many people will say it’s a far nice version of London!