5 Reasons Why Foreigners Want to Settle Down in Prague?

Prague, what can you imagine when you hear this word? From the first sign you can think that Prague is mystical, gothic, gloomy, but to know better this beautiful city, you should stay some days and you will see Prague from another side – the bright, colorful, friendly, welcoming, sunny town of Europe! Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, also the largest city in the country. It is the best destination in Europe for people with different travel addiction. There you can find everything, starting from famous historical places and finishing with ultra-modern crazy attractions. Prague gets in your heart and makes you feel at home that is why most of the foreigners decide to stay and settle down in that magical city.

Sightseen. For people who want to move out of their countries/cities for a better life what they will see outside their windows plays one of the important roles. If you choose Prague, you can consider yourself as a winner, because whenever you live, no matter which part of Prague, you will be surrounded by gothic or baroque architecture, with some historical monuments such as Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the St. Vitus Cathedral. There are a lot of parks, the most famous and popular among young people is Riegrovy Sady.

Food and Drinks. Czech cuisine is rich and varied. It contains delicious and appetizing food, snacks, and sweets. The most popular is Veprova s knedlikem a se zelim — roast pork served with sauerkraut and dumplings; Svickova – beef in a cream sauce with a garnish of cranberries and a dollop of whipped cream; Tatarák – Beef steak tartare. It’s cut raw beef minced and served with egg or salt, usually, you eat it with bread and garlic. The Czech Republic is popular for its brewery and wine. There are a lot of articles on the internet about that. You should come to Prague to try these dishes plus to discover more, I’m sure you will be surprised in a good way.

People. Prague is an international city, there are a lot of foreign communities. Also, every week, in different cafes you can find events such as “Language exchange”, where you can meet new people from different parts of the World. You will never feel lonely in Prague.

Events. Prague is full of events, starting with music and art and finishing with sport, food. The most famous music and art festivals are Prague Autumn International Music Festival, the Prague International Organ Festival, Film Festival. Film Festival is famous in the Czech Republic itself because you can watch any type of movies, visit music events, enjoy the exhibitions, atmosphere the whole week. It is one of the festivals that is worth to be part of it.

Daily life in Prague. The Czech Republic is considered a low-price country. It has its own currency called Czech Crown, 1 EURO is approx. 25 CZK. Before coming to Prague, we suggest you find a job because some companies can offer you free accommodation for some months, free phone cards, assistance with the bureaucracy.

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