Top Cities to Visit on India Travel Tours

Tourism to India has been growing ten to twenty percent a year. The question for potential visitors is, “Where should I go in this large, diverse country?” Here are the top cities to visit on India travel tours. We’ll take the time to recommend the top attractions in each city, no matter what your interests may be.


Most tourists visiting India visit Agra because it is home to the Taj Mahal. Consider visiting the Itmad-ud-Duala. It is nicknamed the Baby Taj. This Mughal tomb is considered the “first draft” of the Taj Mahal. If you’re interested in Indian history, stop by the Tomb of Akbar.

Don’t forget to hit the Agra Fort, also known as the Lal Qila. It is an ancient Mughal fort that was home to emperors of the Mughal Dynasty through 1638.


Delhi makes the list for a number of reasons. It is where many people stop on their way to the Taj Mahal in Agra, since the Indira Gandhi International Airport is located in Delhi. However, there are many other reasons to visit Delhi, as well, especially if you’re interested in Mughal history. Delhi, India, is home to the Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb.

Others come to appreciate the Baha’i Lotus Temple. It is literally shaped like the Lotus flower, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. This is in part because it is open to people of all religious backgrounds, whereas you might not be allowed to enter a famous but still working mosque. Another place you may want to visit is Akshardham, a modern Indian temple.


Bangalore is being called India’s Silicon Valley. That’s one reason why it sees almost as many business travelers as tourists. That also explains why there are so many choices when you want to schedule a Bangalore to Kolkata flight. But take a lot of time to enjoy the sights of Bangalore itself. For example, you could tour the Bangalore palace. That used to be a royal residence. If you love gardens, Bangalore is home to Cubbon Park, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and Bannerghatta Biological Park. If you want to spend a day appreciating Indian history, visit Tipu Sultan’s summer palace or the Iskon Temple in Bangalore.


Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, was founded as a trading post by the East India Company. The city was also the home of the British Raj from 1773 to 1911. This gives it a much stronger British colonial history than most Indian cities. That is why the city is home to the Victoria Memorial Museum, Fort William, and the Indian Museum. The Indian Museum is notable for being one of the oldest museums in the world. If you are interested in science, try the Birla Planetarium. It is the largest planetarium in Asia and the second-largest on the planet. Science City in Kolkata was the first interactive science museum in India, and it warrants a look if you have the time.

Devout Catholics often visit Mother Teresa’s tomb. If you’re interested in the Hindu faith, you might stop at the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. The temple has shrines dedicated to Shiva in addition to the main temple dedicated to Kali. Or visit the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, a temple located on the Hooghly River.