Sailing vacation in Croatia – Why Visit Split and Dubrovnik?

Where would you like to go in case you have just 1 – 2 weeks in hand? It is advisable that you go on a sailing vacation in Croatia. This western Balkans republic is located in the eastern Adriatic coastal region in south-central Europe. It attained its freedom in 1991 and has been witnessing a lot of tourism over the last 30 years. When on a sailing trip to Croatia with a skippered yacht charter or boat rental, you should not miss cruising from Dubrovnik to Split or vice-versa. Find out why should visit these places.


Split is the second-largest city located in Croatia. It is in the center of the coast here and happens to be the best place for you to begin a charter. This is due to the fact that Brac, Hvar, and Korčula, the most popular islands here, are only a short cruising distance away. Split as well as the adjoining spots are where you can find the majority of the biggest marinas here. This is where most of the yachts can be found. You can get a yacht charter or Catamaran charter easily here, and visit all the places nearby.

The city of Split is amazing and is known for its rich history. Diocletian’s Palace and the old city are lovely to walk around. In Kaštela, which is located close by, and is near to Trogir, you can find an international airport having flights to every top European city.


Dubrovnik, like Split, is situated in southern Croatia. This is an amazing place to start a boat rental with a skippered trip. This is only a short cruising distance away from the popular islands of Croatia. One of the most beautiful walled cities on the planet, Dubrovnik has lovely pedestrianized streets that you would love to walkabout. You can ride a cable car here, up the mountain at the city’s back area, which can offer you awesome views over the coastline and the old town. You can get flights to every top destination in Europe from an international airport here.

Large cruise ships can be found docked in Dubrovnik. Some ships have more than 3,000 passengers, filling up the streets, which makes it extremely crowded. The captain of the yachts know the schedule of the ships very well and have an exact idea of when these are available for rental in town. When you are docked in Dubrovnik in the middle of bareboat rental trips, you should not miss the amazing restaurant known as Nautica, which is located on the old city’s ramparts. You must visit the place. Also worth checking out is Revelin, an exotic nightclub that is there within a fortress that dates back to the 15th century.

With a yacht charter or sailboat rental, you can see all the famous and celebrated cities and islands of Dubrovnik and Split. These are spread a short distance away from each other, and you can get a lot of time in 1 week to visit most, if not all, of these destinations.