Roatan, the Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

Roatan is one of the rare beauties in the Caribbean. This island is there at the top of the 2nd largest barrier reef system in the world and makes for a fantastic family vacation destination. With crowd-less pristine white beaches, warm turquoise water, and lush green tropical forests, this underrated island has all that it takes to be a big tourist destination in the near future. Know about some of the top things to do in Roatan, the Hidden Gem of the Caribbean.

Enjoy the Coral Reef, without getting wet

It does not matter even in case you are not good at swimming or diving. You can easily view the stunning reef formations in Roatan as you go for a Coral Reef Explorer ride. This is a boat with a glass bottom that allows 25 people to sit below the waterline, and enjoy the show of underwater attractions – Spotted Eagle Rays, tropical fish, and multi-colored coral reefs, staying comfortable in AC. The Coral Reef Explorer takes off every day from West Bay Beach, and the trips last for around 50 minutes.

Tour the Rain Forest

The lush green tropical forests of Roatan are home to monkeys, wild parrots, and other amazing animals. You can get closer to them with a canopy tour. You can climb to a platform atop a tree, and move among trees by walking over thrilling swinging bridges or gliding on zip lines. That is a lot of adventure! There are quite a few canopy tours here, and you can pick one that you like. There is a 16 platform tour in the West Bay, consisting of two bridges, while there is a 20 platform tour in the Palmetto Bay, including swinging bridges and a climbing wall.

Go on Horseback Tours

You would love to check out the pristine white beaches of Roatan riding on horseback. It is in the West End that guided horseback tours begin from and end at the West Bay. You can witness some amazing sights and scenes during the tour, and end with a fast swim. The tours are appropriate for beginners and even expert riders and last for around 90 minutes.

Swim with Dolphins

This is among the most popular attractions on the island. You can go to the white-sand island called Bailey’s Key – which is a favorite of dolphin schools. You can get trainers from The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences helping you pet some dolphins and swim and snorkel freely – 20 feet underwater – with the beautiful marine animals around you.

Have an Iguana as your pet

The Iguana Farm at Sherman Arch in Roatan is a private preserve where around 3,000 spiny big lizards, the Iguana, freely roams on the grounds. The farm is situated right to the east of French Harbor. Here, the iguanas grow up in cages until these grow up enough to feed themselves, and are meek animals. You can pet an iguana and even feed it when you come here during the early hours of the afternoon.

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