Best casino destinations in the world

Casinos are the one-stop solution to boredom and your urge to bet. Even though Las Vegas is the face of Casinos, there are better and bigger players to ease you out at times. For that, we have handpicked the best casino destinations from all over the world. If you want to find more details about casinos, follow this link:  And remember, always be responsible. For more details, check out the GambleAware website.

Nugget Casino. Carson City, Nevada. June 1973.

Las Vegas

This is obvious, right? Las Vegas defends a place in the top 3 for any list on casinos. From dazzling lights to the colorful machines, Las Vegas is full of fun. Making it more interesting, it is one of the 2 places in America where it is legal to book on sports. And so, you can find excellent sportsbooks as well in Las Vegas.


Seconding our list is Macau in China. Because it does not have a sports booking facility. Otherwise, Macau is the world’s biggest casino destination. The Venetian, the world’s largest casino floor, houses 640 gaming tables to cheer you out on your vacation. Moreover, they also feature around 1760 machines as well.

New Jersey

New Jersey is not just about casinos. You can spend your time eating great food and explore the streets of New Jersey. To make your vacation more interesting, this place has a wonderful casino as well. Atlantic City was once praised as the best casino destination in the world.

Reno, Nevada

Another pick from Nevada, Reno is an awesome place. The casinos are exquisite. And, you can find a spot at every casino to sportsbook. They have fancy HD TVs where you can watch the live-action and bet all the while. In addition, Reno has scenic beauty that you should not miss.


England’s London is famous for its lifestyle. It is a casino enthusiast paradise as well. There is no rigid anti-casino law in London. That is, you can bet on anything. There are a lot of big and small casinos that can help you with your urge to bet on sports or play casino games.


They legalized casinos only in 2015. But, that didn’t stop them from getting into the list of best casino destinations. First thing, you cannot sportsbook in Singapore. However, Singapore is a really rich place with a vibrant culture and a great lifestyle. While you are spending time at casinos, don’t miss out on a swim in the infinity swimming pool or the nightlife.


Made with magnificent waters and beaches, this is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Adding more to the value, Aruba has 24×7 casinos, keeping you busy as long as you can take it. A nice place where you can start feeding your urge to play casinos is the Crystal Casino.

Monte Carlo

Monaco’s Monte Carlo hosts the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. However, you cannot bet on sports here. Monte Carlo is a casino player’s dream palace. You can even find casino games starting from 1 cent. It is the best casino destination for casino lovers in Europe, and those all over the world.