Budapest – Sights to see in 2020

Recently we have been seeing so many articles online about exotic countries and cities. We felt that there is a need for something else, something like a peaceful, historically rich city where you can not only learn something but also rest your eyes and feed your soul! As we were thinking what place could that be, it just came to us-it must be Budapest! Why? Stay with us and you will shortly find out!

There are more than 100 sights in Budapest which you can enjoy! Starting from the great Buda castle where you can truly feel how royalty felt to the downtown where there are always people buzzing and music playing. Whether you are interested in history or modern activities, Budapest can offer both!

We made a shortlist of things you shouldn’t miss while in Hungarian capital city but now as we look back, this list could never end.

First of all,  Budapest has 14 beautifully decorated bridges, almost all from different eras and all dedicated to someone or something else. Danube River divides this amazing city and there is one thing you must too! Ask around the river bank and you will see there are countless boats, all offering day and night short cruises on the Danube. Our warmest advice is to just go for the night cruise, especially if you have already seen Budapest during the day. If you choose the night tour you will be offered food and drinks but forget about that. Focus on what is on both shores and once your eye catches the shore you will be magnetized! We shall say no more than-those city lights made us fall in love with the city!

There are many more activities you can do on the river but the most delicious food is on the city streets! Hungarians are known for spicy and rich food so if you are in the mood for the perfectly prepared meet, go and taste goulash! The beef has been soaking and cooking in delicious spices for hours and when you bite it, it just melts in your mouth and the potato just screams to take it! Làngos is something you also need to taste and give us your opinion on it. For desert try Dobos cake and if you enjoy food and specialties from all over the world, you will love Budapest!

No matter what is the reason for your visit to Hungary or Budapest, have in mind that you will always be welcome, safe, rested, and satisfied. After long days at work and even longer commutes home, what more can a person expect but enjoy a beautiful city with even kinder people!