Things to do in Bacalar Mexico

Mexico is a very famous tourist destination and like any other, it has some more and some less popular places when it comes to tourism. But, what we learned recently is that less popular doesn’t necessarily mean less interesting! This is why we decided to tell you a thing or two about Bacalar, Mexico.

Bacalar is a smaller, quieter place and what it is most known for is that beautiful, blue, crystal clear lagoon! It is sometimes called The Maldives of Mexico but it is much more affordable. Having said that, you can enjoy more days in Bacalar for half the price you should pay in the Maldives. Interesting, right? But, this perfect lagoon is not the only thing Bacalar has to offer!

Things to do in Bacalar vary upon your needs and aspirations. You can often see on Traveldicted how small, quiet places tend to be the most unique and exciting so let’s explore it!

First of all, there are great water sports there and if you know what you are doing, it comes down to pure adrenaline! Imagine kayaking around that beautiful lagoon we mention and seeing sea wildlife just carrying on with their life under you? The water is so clear that you can see the smallest sea creature and wonder: What is it like having so much freedom?

As you walk around all curious you might stumble upon a San Felipe Fort which represents an important part of Bacalar history. What you can also visit is Cenote Cocalitos, a peaceful place with a small restaurant on the shore that serves freshly caught fish and naturally grown vegetables! If you make friends in Bacalar, they might end up revealing some more secret places to you and if they do, please share!

The Pirates Channel Shipwreck is also well known on the tourism map off Bacalar. It is interesting to visit because you can hear some interesting stories and take breathtaking photos! The shipwreck in this famous channel is partly covered in threes so you might even climb it and look around!

One of the top restaurants in Bacalar is La Playita which has the usual Mexican specialties on the menu that are made differently! When we say different we mean with love and passion which can be felt in every taste! Don’t miss out on the homemade guacamole!

The Cenote Azul is only 4 kilometers from the city center but it is the best way to snorkel and explore the caves underneath the shore. As much as it looks great, don’t go alone and always have in mind that those caves may be home to some underwater friend!

Bacalar suddenly sounds interesting, right? If you have already been there please let us know which places and activities you discovered so we could fulfill our list and help others experience their visit to the fullest!