Bogota, Colombia – Things to know

How much do you appreciate your free time and what do you like spending it on the most? Those couple of weeks of vacation seem so precious that we always spend it traveling abroad. Despite all that’s being said about this city, Bogota stole our hearts away and promised to return it when we come back again!

As the capital city of Colombia, Bogota is one of the most touristically developed cities in the region. How so, you may ask? Well, let’s put it like this- there is not much left to improve on an already beautiful city. It is not only a vacation for the soul but the eyes as well which we truly appreciated! In the next few paragraphs, we hope you will fall in love with it as much as we did so we can later share memories and experiences.

Always the first thing for the us-the region. Vibrant colors, exciting streets, and loud but happy music are what used to surround us daily in Bogota. Whether it is the main Carrera street or just some side ally hidden from the curious looks of the tourists, you will get what you were looking for beauty! Sure, we also heard that it is all but safe in Bogota, but if you follow the main rules they give you upon arrival you won’t have any trouble! Yes, it is that easy!

The next step is the accommodation. Bogota vacation rentals are to die for! Not only the price but the whole package is out of this world. When you look at the photos of some of the rentals what you expect to hear is a three-digit number or even more. Not a lot of time passes until you realize that for that price you can be living like a king there!

There is also one warning we need to issue! If you are currently on a diet do not, we repeat do not visit Bogota! It is one of the worst places in the world to watch out on your calorie intake because those colors and tastes are heavenly! There are also some types of fruit we weren’t able to name! Imagine that! Ajiaco black folks fish or bandeja paisa is one of the most famous dishes but if you manage to explore the cuisine more than we did, we expect you to reveal your secrets!

If you want to know (and we wanted to know) what your daily budget should be, it depends on what you expect out of it! For example, for 20$ you can easily get by and just for a little bit more, you can enjoy restaurants, museums, attractions and the rest. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

If there is anything that we missed or you want to know about Bogota, please let us know! We are looking forward to hearing your opinion and experience as soon as you return from your well-deserved trip!