5 reasons you should visit Croatia

This short story begins and ends in one special place-Croatia. It is a country held dear to our hearts and it is where we ate the best, slept the best, and heard the best stories! So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should visit Croatia and maybe add a couple of more reasons.

  • For many years there have been tales that kept people alive, on the edge and always looking for an adventure. Those tales are called legends and in Croatia, there are simply so many of them that even people born there haven’t heard half. But we never refused to hear another one being told by an old man with a grey beard, sitting in his boat that is slowly drifting away in the distance. This reason itself feels like a legend or at least a story. Croatian culture and history are full of great legends and only God knows which ones are true and which are just helping children sleep at night or behave. Don’t know about you, but we appreciate a great story!

  • Cycling, paragliding, and other air sports, kayaking, golfing, diving or you name it! There has not been an activity we thought of that Croatia lacked to offer! Walking and hiking is the most basic but it can make many great memories only from soaking in the best views and discovering new trails. If all of the activities sound too dangerous for the children (which they probably are) then you must visit one of the aquaparks. Almost any region in Croatia has its own but we would warmly recommend Istralandia or Dalmatia Aquapark.
  • It would be a true shame if you didn’t go sailing between thousands of Croatian islands. Yes, there are that many, and almost all of them are approachable and ready to welcome you. Sailing holidays Croatia has to offer can sometimes get a bit pricy but nothing out of the ordinary for the amount of enjoyment!

  • The hospitality of Croatian people is widely known. As much as you are wondering why we put such reason in this article you will realize it yourself as soon as you step foot on its land. Has it ever happened that you are looking for a direction and someone just takes your hand softly and takes you to the place you are looking for? That is where we felt warmer than at home and it is why this reason is so important!
  • As unusual as it is, we won’t reveal number five. It is very special to us but we want you to make it your own. Go, visit Croatia as soon as you can and write to us what number 5 should be. Maybe it will inspire us to go there once more?