6 Tips to Book a Perfect Place Safe in San Francisco

Besides being a well-known tourist destination for its architecture, hilly landscapes, and liberal community San Francisco today has become a Mecca for the technology industry — companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Airbnb operate from the Bay area making it a center of the modern high-tech world. Even if you’re not a technology person, your travel experience will become brighter if apart from visiting the iconic attractions like the Golden bridge and Alcatraz you dive into the startup atmosphere and have a closer look at how life looks like from the inside.

You may think how a regular tourist can get into the corporate world? It’s easier than you thought — for example, for $25 you can buy a tour to the Airbnb headquarter guided by the company employee. You will meet in Airbnb’s lobby for a dinner at the cafeteria and then have a quick office tour. By the end of this experience, you’ll have a better understanding of how Airbnb started and developed its unique culture. You’ll also get to enjoy our great dinner and hospitality. Tip: no backpacks are allowed in the office so please come “bag free”.

Also, you can make a reservation and stay with an Airbnb host during your visit to San Francisco. It will be cheaper and will give you a deeper understanding of the Airbnb community. If you never used Airbnb before please see the tips to book a great place safely in San Francisco:

1. Filter by what matters
Can’t survive without wi-fi? Dreaming of a home with a hot tub? Just filter by the amenities you’re looking for.

2. Read guest reviews
Learn more about home by reading reviews from past guests. Keep an eye out for great reviews and high response rates — both of which are often indicators of a high-quality host.

3. Look at star ratings
See how homes are rated based on different criteria, such as cleanliness and host communication.

4. Look for a License number
Check if the host has a license number showing on the listing page under the License number section. If you see a number published this means the host is legally registered with the City of San Francisco, paid the fee, obtained the license, and Airbnb verified the license number is valid.

5. Talk to your prospect host.
You can message a host on Airbnb to ask them questions without providing payment details. Ask a few questions, after a short 1:1 chat communication you will understand what kind of person the host is. To message a host without making a reservation: go to the listing for the host you want to contact > click Contact Host on the listing page > enter the dates and number of guests for your trip > write your message and click Send Message.

6. Ask Airbnb community
Still not confident to book? Ask the Airbnb community on Airbnbase or Reddit — power users will drop an eye on the listing page you selected and help with advice in a minute.