Oludeniz, Turkey

Good day, lovely people, do you want to join us for a lovely trip to the beautiful Turkish coast and paint a picture in our minds worth hanging in a gallery. We woke up this morning and remembered our trip from a few summers ago and decided to share that amazing memory with all of you. It was late July and the air smelled like the sea. As soon as we left the plane and stepped foot to Oludeniz, Turkey, we knew this adventure was going to be special. As much as it was hot outside you could feel the freshness of the sea breeze from miles far and it lured us deeper into the coastal town.

Have you ever seen one of those posters on the wall of tourist agencies where the sea is diamond clear and the sky is heavenly blue? We always taught it is made up of photo-shopped so we never believed it existed until we saw Oludeniz. Once home to pirates and smugglers, this coastal town is nowadays one of Turkey’s prised possession butt not because pirates brought a chest of gold and hid it somewhere. It is mostly because the water spoils you to the bones and you can feel the sun’s love on your skin.

Most of the days of our visit we spent enjoying the beaches, searching for some places only locals know and keep them a secret because they are special. Even though this is a lesser-known destination, the houses on this coast seem like most rental villas in Oludeniz, Turkey. None of them are built too high because it would be a shame to hide the view from your balcony. It is so precious that it should be banned by the law! It is also not that pricy and locals take great care that all of the guests are happy as if they paid top money for their stay.

Most of the year the weather is sunny and to wish for but on our stay, something strange happened. It began to rain so we stepped outside for a second. And that second turned to hours of walking in the rain and smelling the fresh air after the first long waited day. And swimming in the sea while it rains is like in the movies. The water becomes warmer and each drop of rain falling from your skin feels like a feather touched you. The next morning all was different. It seemed like it never rained, all the streets were busy like the day before, all those local restaurants took their stools and tables outside and the town looked more alive than ever.

Whether it is because you need a vacation or because our talk about villa rentals in Oludeniz or rainy summer night woke something inside you, we are looking forward to hearing from you from Turkey. Oludeniz might be that one place you just keep coming back to!

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