3 reasons why you should visit Waltham, MA

Nowadays there are endless travel destinations and there is no region in the world you can’t get to. Somehow it took away all the fun and rush and travel agencies are spreading so fast that it became boring to plan your vacation. This right here is why we decided to buy a random plane ticket to Massachusetts and rent a car there. If you don’t want to rent a car while you are there, get a Waltham MA taxi, it is easy and affordable to get to any of the attractions in the city. Once you sit in the car just drive and you will get somewhere. That is what woke our rush again and we were happy like little children.

The region we were driving through was beautiful and we felt so relaxed. Out of a sudden, there were many older buildings around us and it seemed like we went back to the past. Then a board showed up with a map of Waltham. It turned out to be a small town where industry first started blossoming, where watches were made by thousands and where plumbing was so popular it had a museum of it. Without further talking about why I think it is one of the best towns we visited, here is a list of 3 reasons that will help you pack your bags faster and go!

  • Waltham is one of those towns where locals are so warm and friendly that it makes you feel more welcome than at home. They even smile to you on the streets which at first seemed weird. After some time you start to smile as well! It is so inviting that you catch yourself browsing real estate agencies for information.
  • We mentioned real state agencies in reason number one and we just want to sit that prices of homes in Waltham are to die for. Not only rentals are cheap but if you want to buy a place there are offers for everyone’s home. It doesn’t have to be your permanent residency but you can make your living on renting it from the distance. This is only one more reason why you should visit it.
  • Tourism there is developing fast and there are many museums, sightseeing options, and outdoor activities for every part of the year.  We think it is interesting how people who discover it once come back again with an idea to pass to the locals. These ideas are all about how to improve the number of visits but locals don’t seem to care. They are happy with how things are now.

In this article, we mentioned 3 rather strange reasons why you should visit Waltham. We didn’t talk much about museums, culture or history because that would be obvious. We loved talking about those reasons people forget but are equally important. Those of you who visited Waltham please text us more reasons why you liked it and all of you who are yet to come-good luck!