Travel Checklist for a Road Trip to Mexico

It is very important to make a checklist for your road trip to Mexico while planning the things you’ll require for the journey and all the fun. Having a checklist will help you make sure you do not forget anything important when you’re ready to get in your vehicle and set out. You may think you are set and you have everything ready but having a checklist makes sure you really have everything ready.

The items on this checklist have been arranged in the order in which they should be attended to, so it will be better if you don’t skip any step.

  • Choose Your Travel Companions– If you will be going with a significant other or a family member then you don’t need to bother yourself with this step, move ahead to item 2. But if you will be going with friends, make sure you will be going with a compatible company. Such people will be more fun to be with anywhere. Considering all the time you will be sharing in close proximity during the trip, it is important to pick someone or a group who shares the same likes as you and enjoy the same things as you. How do you know who to bring along? As mentioned before, you should bring someone who share your interests, someone who is as much like you as possible.
  • Select a suitable destination– This should be a place that the whole group is excited about. It won’t be as much fun if only you or half the group is interested in and or excited about visiting the planned destination. A road trip often lasts for a week or more and what keeps the trip going is when the whole group is having fun. You don’t want a divided, uninterested group on your trip.

  • Map your road trip and plan your traveling route– Plan your destination route to be different from your return route. This will make both journeys much more interesting and provide an opportunity to view new interesting sights, pass through new places, lodge in new hotels and eat at different restaurants. Considerably increasing the level of fun you get to experience during the road trip. Plan your routes to hit cities, towns, sights and major attractions along the way. A fun place to go to for a road trip in Mexico and for people in the U.S and Canada, it will be a great experience bringing their vehicles along.
  • Make reservations for your lodging (hotel or campground) and print out all reservations information for reference in case of a mix-up. Doing this can save you from situations whereby mistakes are made by the hotel management. You may even get complimentary services to compensate for inconveniences in such situations. Also, make sure to pack all important documents you will be taking along in waterproof zipper bags, this is will protect the documents from soda and water spills.

  • Get your car or whichever vehicle you will be taking on the road trip checked out for problems or potential faults. Make sure to have all necessary maintenance work done, would recommend getting the oil changed unless you just did that recently. It is better to be safe than sorry, you should also get your insurance done. If you will be traveling from U.S or Canada to Mexico, do not forget to buy Mexican car insurance for your vehicle because U.S and Canadian car insurances are not valid in Mexico and the Mexican law requires all foreign vehicles to have Mexican insurance. A good place to buy Mexican car insurance is Mexican Insurance Store if you’re looking for recommendations. Also, check the conditions of your tires, get them replaced if they are worn.
  • Get a roadside emergency kit and a first aid kit for the trip, make sure your spare tire is in good shape also.

  • Arrange for your pets and plants– You may take your pets along or get someone to take care of them when you are away. Have all newspapers (if you’re old school) and mail deliveries held or have a neighbor or friend take them daily. Even if you don’t have pets or plants, do well to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your apartment, let them know the duration for which you will be away and tell them to call the police if they notice anything unusual going on in or around your apartment.
  • Also, make sure to get extra refills where possible. It is always better to have more than to not have enough.

    With your checklist sorted, you’re ready to get on the road. Enjoy your road trip!