Rockport, Massachusetts – Travel Guide

Despite its many beaches and seaside village environment, Rockport, MA offers a lot of people who are not really keen about the ocean and beaches. There are several activities that you can indulge in the place. There are other places to visit. Rockport also offers a great variety for the foodies. There are a lot of restaurants that offer food from many cuisines. Local seafood is, of course, the specialty and what people from other places come looking for. It is not just your palate that Rockport satisfies. It also takes care of your other senses and immerses in you in the arts of different styles.

A Treat For The Artists

Rockport, MA will not disappoint the artists. There are enough art galleries for you to feast your eyes on. The Rockport Art Association and Museum is a charitable organization that promotes all forms of visual art. The association helps artists to showcase their work. It conducts exhibitions all round the year for both child and adult artists. For amateur artists, there are lectures and demonstrations on art for you to learn. The association also conducts workshops for both kids and adults.

The Museum is open from March till the end of the year. You can see the works of the local people in exhibitions that are conducted in the seven art galleries belonging to the association. You can see paintings, sculptures, photography and graphic arts created by the members. The various works belonging to the museum are also exhibited. These works provide enough entertainment for the art lover.

The Music Lovers Have Something Too

Rockport Music is an organization aimed at treating people with a variety of music performances. You can enjoy these performances all round the year along with the most popular Rockport Chamber Music Festival. During June and July, this festival will host around 20 performances of the highest quality. All genres of music are performed at Rockport Music. Most of the popular musicians of today perform at the festival.

The Chamber Music Festival brings the listener and the musician very close. With a very small seating capacity, it allows intimacy between the two. The musicians enjoy this setting as they can see how the people are enjoying their music. It is not just the great musicians of today who perform there. Upcoming stars also get an opportunity to perform at the festival and grab the attention of ardent music lovers.

A Treat For Your Palates

Rockport MA restaurants are always an attraction for the tourists. You can taste some of the best seafood that you have ever had. Various seafood restaurants like Roy Moore’s Fish Shack Restaurant offer you a variety of dishes made with fresh catch from the sea. You can have your tasty meal while watching the ocean from where these delicious creatures came. For a variety of breakfast specialties, you can visit the Lattof Farmhouse Kitchen. They also offer a variety of food items that you can pack and carry with you to the beach.

Though seafood is what people come here to eat, you can get cuisines from all over the world in the restaurants in Rockport, MA.