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The North Pole is too cold to survive or even enjoy your holidays. How about the snowy fun activities you want to be engulfed in like snowboarding and ice skating, and where do you find such a snowy place with a climate that has some warmth to keep the fun alive? The best place for you is in the snow land of Iceland. 
Every ice skating fun person would always pay a visit to this country to join in all the fun of playing over the ice. Iceland is an island that is located south of the North Pole’s Arctic Circle. It has lots to offer for its visitors apart from just the snow landscape for ice skating and snowboarding.
If you are traveling in Iceland with a car, one of the biggest attractions for tourists is the famous Iceland Ring Road. This road runs around the island and connects most of the inhabited parts of the country. The total length of the road is 1,332 kilometers (828 mi). If you are going to drive around 100 kilometers in one hour, it will take you about 12-13 hours of driving. The scenery during the trip is unforgettable, so you should definitely try it.
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Iceland has amazing natural features waiting to be seen, historic sites to be witnessed, wildlife species to be personally discovered and a beautiful culture emphasized on all kinds of creative artistry. Iceland is a famous birthplace for artists and awarded snow-based environment films held in the island. Surely, you can never miss all these joys while living and touring this amazing snow-white island.
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Imagine going on a camping trip in Iceland with its out-of-this-world scenery, the midnight sun, or the northern lights promising a phenomenal outdoor experience.

You and your friends can travel around Iceland by campervan containing essentials and extras as you need them. Pitch a tent or sleep in the camper’s sofa bed — look forward to the many adventures that await camping enthusiasts like you.

Iceland was initially occupied by an indigenous community known as the Irish monks in the eighteenth century. The Norsemen arrived after the Irish people and settled. The Irish and Norsemen tribes were popular for their heavy sheep clothing due to the cold environment of Iceland Island. Many centuries later, in June 1944, Iceland became an independent country.

Places to visit in Iceland

There many historic sites left behind by history, which today mark the historical formation of this snowy island. Visit the old Oddi Church of the eleventh century that was a religious and political center. Discover and understand more about the famous Njala Saga in the ancient Keldur Farm. Accept the invitation to the Ghost center to see showcases of ghost structures of Iceland. Find more museums in Iceland to satisfy your urge for more history on this major ice island.
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Check out the several natural beauties in Iceland like the underground hot springs, lava land, geysers, glaciers and the vast, white ice landscapes. Enjoy snowboarding and ice skating along the sloppy snowy land and ride on a snow mobile too. Visit the national parks available to find out the rare animal species that can never be found in other parts of the world except here in Iceland and the North Pole. View the several huge waterfalls in this land of plenty water and snow. Travel to the accessible sceneries from where you can view the several volcanoes of the Island.
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Iceland has world class accommodation and varieties to choose from. There are the executive beach resorts, holiday houses, quality hotels, lodges and restaurants. There are clubs that operate all night long. The dishes are unique and rich in delicacy. Cultural dances are held occasionally in some hotels. You just have to book a room in the accommodation facilities available, pay their affordable fees and begin to settle safely every time you rest from a long day of adventure in Iceland.
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