Backpacking in Asia

If you are looking for a change of scene as far as holidays are considered, try backpacking Asia to have a truly unique traveling experience. Apart from being the largest continent, Asia is also home to a cross-section of intriguing cultures and the home to the myriad people from different countries spread across Asia. Asia can offer you something new and unique.

Asia boasts of different types of attraction and it is really tough to top cover each corner of Asia in one trip. But you can try to catch up with the best of the stunning scenes of Asia. Countries like India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Singapore, etc are vividly different from each other in different aspects.

Most of these beautiful countries boast of several attractions like extraordinary scenic beauty, excellent architecture, art traditional fairs, mountains, bizarre costumes, colorful festivals, mouth-watering food and also the traditional customs that are beautifully ingrained into people’s life. Backpacking through Asia requires a proper plan so that you can cover those fabulous corners of Asia.

When you are visiting Asia, it is important to come with all medial cautions from the native diseases. Japanese encephalitis is a common issue in Asia. Nearly 67,000 people get affected by the disease. This is a mosquito-borne flavivirus. You need to have the vaccine for it before visiting Asia and this is preventable by the vaccine.

When you are visiting Asia, let’s check a few of the best countries here that you may want to visit:

One of the largest and heavily populated countries in Asia is India. This is a diverse and complex nation. Natural beauty, the beauty of snowy mountains, tea estates, beautiful temples, art and cultures, historical monuments and greeneries and obliviously the beauty of rivers are waiting for you in this country. India can welcome their visitors with diverse culture and traditions. If you are a food lover, India is the ideal place for you.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka the word can bring the beautiful images of lashing waterfalls, exotic wildlife parks, enchanting beaches, and sanctuaries, captivating culture. It has a pleasant climatic condition that is truly a tropical paradise on the earth. A tour to Sri Lanka can offer a pristine surrounding the natural splendor where the tourists can have unlimited enjoyment.


Your trip to Asia is incomplete without the beauty of Cambodia. This is a Southeast Asian beautiful nation. The landscape of the place spans the Mekong Delta, low-lying plains, stunning mountains and the coastline of Thailand. Phnom Penh, the capital OF Cambodia is the home of art and culture, Royal palace, archaeological exhibits, national museum and so on. Stone temples are another attraction of the place.


This is a Southeast Asian country, which is traversed by the popular Mekong River. This place is known for its natural beauty, mountainous terrain, traditional French colonial architecture, Buddhist monasteries and settlements of hill tribes.


This is a country with natural beauty and it has tranquil village life. Here you will find a fine combination of modernity of tradition.