Things to do in Amsterdam

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents and some people refer to it as the Lady of the continents. All capital cities have unique things to offer. Some are romantic while the others are new and modern but not many of them are so liberal. Having that in mind, we chose the one that is different from them all, so unique and free that most of you find it liberating. It is, of course, the capital city of Netherlands-Amsterdam. Every one of you should visit this city on the river at least once in a lifetime and to be honest this article (or any other for that matter) won’t be able to fully paint the right picture. Having said that, have an open mind and read a little part of what you can expect in Amsterdam.

Like every European capital, Amsterdam also has many famous museums like the Van Gough museum or the House of Anna Frank and they are all worth visiting. Rembrandt museum is also one of the most famous ones and what we recommend is buying tickets online in advance. Sometimes, they get sold out months in advance. Museum of bags and purses is not only meant to be visited by ladies (as much as it sounds like that) and that is one of the reasons why you should have an open mind in Amsterdam.

The best Amsterdam guide you can get is intuition. Whether you like pubs with crafted beer or famous restaurants with a couple of Michelin stars, Amsterdam has it all. Depending on your preferences, you can ask some locals and be polite as they are, they will give you the best tips. Our experience was amazing! We booked one of those boat tours where you get to join an out of this world party, meet the best people and also try some local food and drinks.

Hotels and hostels in Amsterdam are also unique. If you choose a hotel you will have some privacy but of you choose hostels to be prepared, you might end up in the room with people from all around the world! It can be both amazing or devastating, depending on your expectations and personality. Nhow Hotel Amsterdam is one of the most famous hotels with unique and modern design and it is being visited by thousands of people each month!

When it comes to things to do in Amsterdam, what you should not miss is Red Light District. This Amsterdam area will answer your question of why this city is so liberal and you might also get surprised. Many things are legalized and although it may seem scary at first, keep in mind you are doing only what you are comfortable with!

This and much more is what Netherlands capital has to offer. Have you visited it yet or are you coming back there third or the second time? Feel free to let us know how strongly it impacted you and what are the most interesting things you saw there?