Destin, Florida

How many movies have you watched where Florida was shown as a country full of fun, great food and music and endless miles of perfect beaches. There are only two possibilities, either this is true or they have been lying to us all this time. Fear no more, we decided to take a vacation and see first hand how great Florida is.

After thorough research and among many places and cities, we chose Destin. Before we booked our trip we thought about the best month to visit it having in mind the prices, crowds, and weather. Let’s begin with the best month or period of the year. We chose April and it was a home run! The water temperature was just right, the sun was pleasurable beaches were not packed with tourists. We asked around and locals told us how prices in the summer period are at its peak, there are a lot of people everywhere and you don’t get enough privacy.

If you want your vacation to be just right you should try and think about all aspects of the holidays. For example, a 2 bedroom Destin beach condo is not so easy to find so think about it in advance and book it as soon as possible. Find the one closest to the beach where you have the luxury of being woken up by the sea. The first rays of the sun are shining through the windows and the sea breeze is whispering a story you don’t understand but can feel quite well.

Destin is located on the Emerald Coast which is most famous for diamond clear, green waters, soft and sandy beaches and plenty of outdoor activities. Being active helps you sleep better, makes you feel happier and healthier. So, while you are on a summer vacation why not choose swimming, diving, snorkeling or even running near the sea? Destin is one of those places that are luxurious but still affordable and can make an amazing family vacation.

Crystal sand beach is one of the best in Destin but there are many others which you might not visit all in one vacation. You don’t need to worry much about safety. Destin is not like Miami, as we mentioned. Families stay here all the time and so it is well adjusted to them as well. There are many water parks suitable for children with clear water and all safety requirements met properly.

Having said all this, how does Florida sound? Destin sounds even better, right? So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and run off to have the vacation you have been dreaming about for a long time.