Best places to own a beach house

This is a calling for all of you sea lovers! How long have you been dreaming of owning a beach house but somehow each time it slipped out of your hands? Maybe, just maybe this article will show you how important is to do something for yourself in this case, owning a beach house!

What do you look for in a home by the sea? Is perfect footage enough or does it need to have that special vibe? And how important is the location? In this article, we will try to include as many criteria as possible with a focus on the location, which we consider to be the most important one.

To be honest, the best place to own a beach house is individual and it depends on your expectations. Whether you want to have fun relaxing in peace, the city you want to buy a house in is different.

Imagine this scenario: You woke up with the sound of gentle waves and the smell of the sea breeze. The sun is stroking your skin and all you hear except the waves are your thoughts. After breakfast by the beach, you want to walk around and explore. Only a couple of people are crossing your path as you walk along the unexplored paths protected by the palm trees. When you get tired all you can do is swim in the warm sea and have fun and once the sun goes down, the dinner under the starry sky is all you can ask for. If this is a perfect scenario for your vacation than your beach house should be somewhere like Montenegro, Greek mountains near the coast or even Spanish small coastal town.

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If your spirit is livelier and you require fun and a lot of energy than Barcelona, Budva, or even Santorini should be on your mind. Look for a region where you know people are going to all year long. It is where beach activities blossom and parties are endless. It doesn’t even matter how old you are, as long as you feel like 18 again.

If perfect balance sounds the best for you then maybe Italy is your region of choice. Italy has miles and miles of the seashore and depending on what you look for, you can choose west or south Italy. In the west people are enjoying themselves more in peace and in the south music is all you hear. Of course, anywhere you decide to buy a beach house in Italy, great wine and food will be waiting for you!

Have you got any better ideas when it comes to beach houses? Maybe you could help us not only choose but also decorate it? To be honest, the decoration is not that important since all you will be doing is sleep in it. Spend your days in the sun, soak in all the warmth you can get before you get back to reality!

Jugoslav Spasevski: I am a passionate travel blogger and my main life goal is to travel around the world. Exploring tourist destinations has always been on my mind so I chose to study this field at the UNWE university in Sofia, Bulgaria where my major was Economy of tourism.
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