Travelling to the USA

Whenever a topic of ‘promised land’ comes around, what is the first country you think of? We can assume that the USA is at least in the top three and for a pretty good reason. Travelling to the USA may require a lot of preparation but if you are well informed this adventure could be the one that happens once in a lifetime! This right here is why we decided to spare a few hours and make a small handbook of what you can expect and why you should visit America even as a tourist. f you are planning to travel in May, check out our guide to the 20 best places to visit in the USA.

Many states with similar yet different rules and all with something unique to see. Our warmest advice (especially if you don’t want to have any discomfort on your trip) check ESTA USA status. There are many rules one needs to follow to get authorisation needed and still this may not be a guarantee you enter the States. All in all, it is a good start, don’t you agree? The other thing you need to think of is having enough money for your trip. Whether you are daring to visit America as a tourist or otherwise, be warned because many money-spending challenges will come your way as soon as you step foot on the foreign land.

No matter whether the coast or the land itself is your primary destination, the USA has an outstandingly developed tourism system and we are sure you won’t get disappointed. Throughout the years they had a lot of opportunities to practice and nowadays famous tourist destinations don’t fall short! If you are visiting the states with ESTA visa, make sure you complete the ESTA application.

Miami, LA, San Francisco or New York you may well have heard of, at least from the movies or stories. Multimillion cities such as these and others offer a lot of fun, adventure, and excitement but one more warning is on the way. Take care of yourself and your personal belongings since crime tends to be off the roof especially during the tourist season.
If you are going on the trip to the USA with a group or even with your partner, we advise you to stay together as much as possible. It is not only double the fun but also double safety!

Here are some more good ideas. Sure you have read a lot about what you want to see online but nothing beats a great tour guide who has a lot of experience and knows what he is doing. Imagine having someone who talks about American history as if he was there 200 years ago and tells you the story so that you can feel equally present! Yes, nothing can substitute for that experience especially if you invested so much on this trip.

We tend to think that everybody needs to visit America at least once in a lifetime. If you like it (which you probably will), you can visit it even more and have different opinions and experiences each time because who can see it all in a human’s lifetime? And the last warning we would like to tell you is to be careful and not catch a golden rush-a term you will be familiar with as soon as you see the USA first hand!