Day trips from Venice you must go on: A travel guide

Have you ever heard about a city on the water located in Europe? If your first association was Atlantis we congratulate you on your imagination but we are actually talking about Italy’s pride and joy-Venice! The most colorful most iconic little town in Europe is surrounded by water everywhere you look and you would even have to be careful when you step out a restaurant and hotel. Unique is maybe the best word we could find to describe it and in this article, we will try to elaborate on why!

Evenings in Venice are equally as beautiful as sunny days and there is no way a gondola ride would not melt your heart and trap your soul. Singing ‘driver’ will dedicate his full attention to making you feel special and dinner served on some of those boat rides could make you fall in love with the ambient!

As far as things to see in Venice, we would leave it to the local tour guides who are highly more qualified and they know exactly how to make you fall in love with Italy’s water gem. What we think is more special is day trips from Venice to l9cal hidden places and this is actually a guide on how to find them all!

Private day trips from Venice are highly wanted these days so the offer stands out. What is important is not to spend all day driving around to get to the desired place since that is no longer a day trip. Some of the places you would need around an hour to get to our trips to Murano, Torcello, and Burano islands. Discover the art of colorful, high-quality glassmaking know all over the world. These Venician islands hide historic churches, monuments, and buildings that are more than 13 centuries old! Imagine walking these old streets and thinking about how was it back in those years? Did people also wanted to discover hidden nearby tours or were they too busy building magical lagoons you get to enjoy nowadays?


What is a trip to Venice or Italy for that matter without some wine tasting tours? We got your full attention right now, don’t we? Well, there is a private, well-designed tour in Valdobbiadene region. It is one of those tours that get sold out quickly since it is comfortable and represents hedonism all the way! A private car will pick you up and after a 90-minute drive, you will arrive at the winery where friendly locals will welcome you with golden Prosecco and some Italian cheese that pairs perfectly! What more can we ask for? Salute!

From Venice to Verona you would need to be more patient but it is definitely worth it! Visit a famous balcony where Romeo and Juliet claimed their love to one another and be a part of one of the most historic love stories ever!

It was not easy focusing only on a couple of trips and tours from Venice because even if it takes you more than a couple of hours, it is all worth it. Italian charm is unforgettable and you can expect and urge to come back at least one more time in your lifetime!