Best snorkelling destinations in the world

How much do you appreciate nature? Let us be more precise, how much do you know about the underwater world? Yes, we expected you would say not much but fear not, nobody knows what hides under the clear, blue sea. We may know a lot of fish species, sea plants or more but what kind of mysteries hide in those many percents of undiscovered water surface?

We may never know which is why we had an idea: to write a short article about what we already know or at least about where best to get to know the underwater world? To snorkel requires a lot of energy and patience so make sure you also have what it takes before your adventure begins and after you made sure you do, these next few places are must-snorkel destinations.Australia is mostly known for kangaroos or colas but have anyone ever told you that it has the planet’s largest reef system which is home to many rare species you can only see around Great Barrier Reef. Let us just mention that 6 species of sea turtles will swim around you while you snorkel and magical fishes will curiously wonder around you.

Madang in Papua New Guinea is a true tropical paradise! What is interesting about this destination is the fact that it is not overcrowded like many others and you can snorkel your way into the magical unknown in peace. It is a remote location but fear not, locals know all the best places you can make great photos at.Hawaii is not only known for tourism and amazing beaches. Maui offers you an opportunity to come face to face with many rare species of fishes and underwater mammals but never wander alone. There is always danger lurking around the waves but if you know what you are doing or you are an experienced diver, you are in the clear.

Fishes are great but what about the underwater mammals? If you ever had a wish to snorkel with humpback whales, you must go and buy a ticket to the Dominican Republic. Silver Bank is one of those few places that allows visitors to meet in person those magnificent creatures and it is a once in a lifetime experience.And on the last place on our list (but maybe the most magical) in Bora Bora island. It is like a portal to another dimension! Crystal clear waters are home to a large number of fish species which are found only in Costa Rica so make sure it is on your bucket list! Your adventure starts when you want it to so be daring and buy a ticket to one of those destinations. Snorkel and have fun and maybe the next article you will be looking for is ‘Best skiing destinations in the world’.