Medical tourism-myth or reality?

How much do you appreciate your health? Stress in our everyday lives tends to drain our energy and truly endanger what we value the most so how far are we willing to go do preserve it? Truly, how far?

Nowadays there is a thing called medical tourism. So far you must have a hint or two about it and it sounds too good to be true but unlike other trends circling, this one has a lot more pros than cons! Let’s put it like this: the doctor you need might be in a place you crave to visit!

What is important to know, the purpose of medical missions trips is health improvement. You have a medical issue you can’t seem to handle in your place of living it is only natural to look a bit further. Many foreign countries have amazing offers when it comes to private medical treatments and the experts there are not only qualified but are also very approachable.

So far many countries have become known for their ‘specialties’ such as dentistry, surgery, psychiatry, and even oncology but one of the most favorites is plastic surgery. For example, Brazil is a place to go if you want a renewed, younger look and surgeons in India have been developing their trade and passing it one more than successfully to younger colleagues!

Medical care services done outside of your country can also be risky. Before stepping into the foreign hospital, private clinic or retreat make sure you do your research! Low costs don’t always mean bad service but sometimes it does look suspicious. Your doctor at home might also be able to help you find the best destination for your medical procedures so make an appointment and dedicate it to thorough research!

Sea, sun, and sand can now be associated to not only mental but also physical health and as much as it sounds unimaginable, you can be resting by the sea after a procedure you needed to get done. The best advantage in medical tourism (after the good quality of course) is privacy. You can devote your whole attention to your most valuable ‘item’ without worrying whether someone will put their nose where it does not belong.

Healthcare system on a national level can also get improved with people choosing other countries to get treatment. It is a strong call that something should be improved fast so public institutions may focus on quality rather than profit.
We predict that soon much more people will choose to go abroad and seek help and maybe kill two flies with ‘one flight’. Vacation usually means rest but combined with exclusive medical treatments it is a true win-win situation! Take responsibility for your mind and body and do it in time because you deserve the best, no matter where it is. Once you realize how much you and people you love are worth, there are no miles you wouldn’t fly to preserve it!