Top 5 places to visit in India

How much do you love to travel? Do you live to travel or do you travel to live? Whatever the answer to those questions is, we have found a new destination that is going to wake up all your senses! These days no land is too far and that is why exotic India opened its door more than ever to welcome other cultures in and show them a different side of the world!

This multi-million land is impossible to get to know in only a couple of days so we thought of a good idea to help you get by better. Top 5 places to visit in India, as well as more tips on planning your trip, is what you are going to find in this article so sit back and travel through the written word!

Number one on a must-see list in India is Taj Mahal. The word most associated with this majestic building is romance. Build out of love, this world-famous landmark remains unchanged throughout the years. Whether you visit it in the morning or the sunset you will be left stunned by the way it glows!

The second one on the list, not that far from the first is Jaipur. If you want to feel like a member of royalty, first visit Taj Mahal and then go to visit Jaipur. Gold, gemstones, and luxury are what dominates this place which makes it perfect for taking stunning vacation photos. You won’t have to go far to find great restaurants with authentic Indian specialties.

If you enjoy learning about history, we recommend going to Kashmir in India. Surrounded by Himalaya mountains, Kashmir will tuck you in and whisper stories about the past. Sure, you have to be willing to listen to it, so enjoy the view with a great story of Indian history.

Bollywood, great nightlife and young souls are all in one city-Mumbai. Compared to other places on our list, Mumbai is the liveliest. The colors resemble the rainbow but 3 times more intense and the spirit of this huge city gave birth to one of the best movies in Bollywood. Fashion plays an important role here as well so it is like a place to be for you shopaholics.

The last place on our list is Goa beaches. This does not mean these beaches are any less worthy, this only means we want you to remember what we wrote about them. All you adventurers take notes since surfing on Goa beaches is a must. Still wild and untouched, this sandy paradise is more beautiful than most of the other exotic beaches in the world.

That is our list, and some extra tips when it comes to Indian traveling is to never be alone. Everything is better in a group so share your fun, food, and experience with people you love and you can expect to have the best possible time in India.