Madrid, Spain

It has finally come-your time to enjoy beautiful, sexy Madrid! The capital of Spain shines with the most refreshing lights in Europe and it is now on you to step on that stage! All year long this special vacation has been planned and now you are leaving the airport knowing where you need to but not with what!

No shame in that, you are only one in a million of tourists visiting a foreign capital without a full plan in your back pocket. This is why we decided to make a shortlist of why airport transportation is key to making your vacation as relaxed as possible.

There are thousands of ways how to get from Madrid airport to the city centre but only a couple of them are easy, stressless and work in your favor. What is it exactly? How many times have you seen those marked parked cars as you are exiting the airport? Airport transportation companies are nowadays hugely developed business which works like a charm. It offers its costumers an easy way to reach wanted destinations for a certain fee which depends on the company. Transfers can be a nightmare so here is what you need to know to have a successful trip.

First thing you are supposed to do is find a list of companies that do transfers and separate three of them. Don’t be shy and call them or simply send an email with your request. This way you can know what to expect when it comes to pricing. Secondly, check the references.  Some transfer companies claim to be legit but actually, they are reliable.

Secondly, try and book them in advance or at least as soon as you know the destination. This way you might get a discount for early booking. Thirdly, enjoy Madrid! See how wonderful this capital city can be starting from historic landmarks hidden in the city to magical nightlife. In Madrid you can simply feel lively spirits of not only tourists but also locals so why risk your trip by leaving everything for the last minute. Plan as much as you can and leave a couple of unresolved situation so you can be spontaneous. Airport transfer should be well organized for the reasons mentioned above.

And last but not least, this is how it would all look. You would leave the airport knowing there is a comfortable car with a polite driver waiting. He would help you load your luggage after which you would leave to the Madrid city centre slowly so you can get a first glimpse of the city. If you are lucky, the driver would also give you a couple of great advice about sightseeing or gastronomy so you don’t get surprised later. He would then stop in front of your hotel wishing you a great stay. After you are fully recharged and your vacation came to an end, he would be waiting once more to take you downtown and wish you a safe trip. What do you think, is transferred from Madrid airport to the city centre worth your money?