Cruise life all year long

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take some time off from your everyday life and spend a part of your life on vacation? No? Then you are one of the few and we envy you since vacation is all we can think about. But what if we told you that there is a part of the tourism industry that is developed to make your life a long vacation? Now you are interested? Good because cruising on the open sea on luxury boats all year long is a true paradise!

Imagine it like this: You pay the vacation fee once and what happens next is you end up on a boat that looks like a building floating on the sea and all there is included in the fee. Cuisine serves specialties from all over the world all day long, theaters on the boat are trying their best to offer you live shows every night and some boats even have tennis courts! These ‘floating buildings’ look so glamorous at night, all shiny and elegant but you can only see its true beauty once you step on the deck.

Still thinking this type of vacation is not your cup of tea? Wait until you hear how many types of cruises are there. Some companies offer shorter cruises that last q couple of weeks and some offer a year-long journey. You can even combine it and cruise twice a year. All is possible if you include your imagination since tourist agencies and cruise companies offer all kinds of arrangements.

Now let’s talk a bit about theme cruises. Trips for singles, couples, elderly people, nude cruises, cooking cruises and so on. Our personal favorite is a simple cruise all over the world! Why is it simple, you ask? Well, all you need to do is relax and go with the flow. Wake up and see where you are, hop off the ship and look around, bathe in the best luxury beaches in the world and meet many different cultures. Nude cruise, cooking cruise, and single cruise is becoming popular as we speak so it is worth checking them out as well!

There are many risks when it comes to cruises. The biggest one is serious because falling in love with this lifestyle may cause a life long happiness. Sea breeze gently brushing your skin as you approach the shore you have never seen before is the type of excitement and refreshment in life that we all need and should experience one on our life. Something even more ambitious is looking for work on one of those queen ships which younger generations tend to do these days. If you are reading this article and you have been to a cruise vacation please share your experience. Give us an insight into what happens once you step onboard and how does it feel being on the open sea?