All you need to know about magical Tibet

Tibet is a beautiful, unique mountain range that goes through central Asia. This place gave birth to Dalai Lama and that is why it is mostly associated with peace and spiritual calmness. Buddhism is a religion mostly thought in Tibet and Tibetans are truly happy when they have an opportunity to share it with others. All monasteries and sanctuaries were built stone by stone and you can feel the energy of every place!

From Lhasa to Pangong Tho, it becomes more interesting as you go further discovering the region. Maybe you have heard that there are many strict rules and regulations for tourists and foreign visitors. Yes, many of them do exist but they have an important purpose. Imagine an untouched natural beauty just laying there, waiting to be demolished. This way, with rules and regulations, it is still a diamond in the rough!

Once you are done with the permits and regulations, think about the way you will be moving through the region. Tibet travel is different than most other places. From moving on foot to renting a bicycle or even finding a bus- it is all allowed just make sure you stay with the group.

Tibet trekking is also a great way to move around and get to know the region. Our warmest advice is to try and find the newest map you can get your hands on. Also, ask around for some hidden tracks and Tibet will dig itself deep into your heart.

When it comes to activities in Tibet go step by step. Get to know the surroundings first, see how locals live. Step foot into a local bar and sense the energy of the place. Feel rested yet? We have heard that local restaurants in Tibet are the kind to hang into. Once you sit in comfortable chairs and begin ordering your coffee, you will feel like a local.

Tibetan people are so friendly and welcoming. If you happen to be in any situation where you need the help of any sort, they will always be around to ‘catch you’.

Let’s sum it up in a couple of sentences:

  • Stay safe and always with a group ( it is easy to wander off in crowded places)
  • Try and eat as many authentic dishes as you can
  • Visit a temple of your choosing and spend an evening in peace
  • And last but not least, enjoy. You are on your journey to find a quiet place, get in touch with inner you and stay alone with your thoughts. That refreshment will give you enough energy to pull through another stressful year and wait for yet one more trip to Tibet.