Sarlat-la-Canéda, France – Romantic, medieval France in one town

In southwestern France lies the most beautiful, picturesque town called Sarlat-la-Canéda, or simply Sarlat. It originates back from the 14th century and magically it still maintained to stay untouched. This time capsule is a true gem, often chosen not only by tourists but also by filmmakers! Stay with us for the next couple of lines and we will try to make a short but concise list of why Sarlat should be next on your vacation bucket list!

We won’t bother you with all the names of museums, churches, streets, and squares. Tour guides specialize in this area and you can always find this on many blogs online. What we saw missing was how this romantic town affects your soul and your body.

The golden, medieval stone streets are so narrow and they form a perfect little maze so easy to get lost in. And we do recommend you to lose yourself in Sarlat as soon as you can and forget the reality of your busy lives since that is what vacations are for, right?

Several very impressive mansions and hotels are, in our opinion, the thing that makes this trip worth the time and money! Sarlat-la-Caneda accommodations are unique and they fit so good into the surroundings! For example, hotel de Mirandola is more than 5 centuries old but it continues to impress the guests with outstanding service! Hotel Magenat, Tapinois de Betou or Vassal are one of the best Sarlat-la-Caneda hotels and thrust our judgment, you won’t be disappointed!

the Place de la Liberté is one of the squares worth mentioning and it is for all you, romantic souls! It has a beautiful view and somehow it stayed strongly-carved in our memories! We would so like to hear your opinion after visiting, so hurry and write to us as soon as possible!

Like every tourist town, this one also has a famous market but the difference is that Sarlat has a market day and it is strangely Wednesday. If you happen to be an early bird this is what you should do! Wake up early in the morning and ‘bathe’ in gentle, golden sun rays. After having a coffee in your favorite tavern in the main square, take a walk down to the market and pick some souvenirs or food for you to bring home. Gastronomy in Sarlat is something that brings all people bach to France. Homemade chocolate and tasty wines are typical for France so don’t hold back. The only worry you should have is whether to taste red or white wine first!

Sarlat-la-Canéda is best to visit in the spring or autumn. Imagine the heart of France covered in flowers and lavender fields, or as Sting would say- Fields of gold. These fields would be there also long after we are gone, so let us pause our busy schedule. Start checking all the boxes on your bucket list and on the way remember us and send us some photos or useful tips so we can share with more people and make their vacation the one to remember!