Sapa, Vietnam

When you happen to find yourself in a group of people talking about traveling, as soon as someone mentions Vietnam, the only city they talk about is Hanoi, right? The capital city of Vietnam does offer a wide variety of activities but if you want to step up your game and surprise everyone, start talking about your experience in Sapa. It is a small, peaceful city near Hanoi and lately, it has become popular not only for tourists but also for domestic people. It is a true refreshment that is unfortunately not enhanced enough so in this small text we have put our heart and soul. So, what are the most interesting things to do in Sapa?

This picturesque city is protected by the highest mountain in Vietnam called Fan Si Pan and visitors tend to fall in love with it at first sight! Hiking and camping allow you to soak in the scenery and paint a beautiful picture in your mind which becomes the best souvenir possible. All year long this amazing mountain peak is available and the only thing you need to bring to this trip is strong stamina!

When you are eager to find out more about the ethnicity of the area, we feel that Sapa is the most revealing! There is around 5 ethnic group in this area and they are all more than willing to share their story with you. Just make sure you have enough patience and time to embrace something different.

When it comes to food, in Sapa you will have a chance to surprise your taste buds! How, you might ask? Well, there is a whole street dedicated to restaurants and street food but there is a red warning: Make sure your appetite is up to their standards.  Cau May street is swarming with different opportunities to satisfy your hunger and many restaurants use fresh local ingredients. What could be better?

How about nightlife in this small town? Tourists do not expect anything exciting and they get surprised each time! There are a couple of bars with cool music, cold drinks, and nice people. What more can a person look for on a vacation?

We found that a great refreshment in Sapa is the lack of shopping malls! Yes, you heard it well, here there are no huge, fancy buildings. Rural markets are what locals appreciate and let us tell you, it is not easy to bargain with the sellers here. The main market in Sapa is open each day until 2 pm, so use this chance and find some unique souvenirs to surprise your friends at home.

From hiking to dining out and shopping, Sapa is a perfect town to visit if you like to experience the true culture of the region. A couple of days here and you can fall in love with Vietnam. If we forgot to mention something or you would like to know some extra information. feel free to write to us day or night!