Paris – The Gem of Europe

Sometimes, even though I don’t really have a plan to travel in the near future, I like to browsing and looking around for articles about interesting places in the world. Once I was stumbled upon this website from INSIDR with a lot of quality contents about various popular traveling destinations around Europe. As I find those are fascinating, I’d like to share some of the best stories I’ve found with you guys.

INSIDR itself is a friendly start-up based in Paris, and it’s no coincidence that the articles about Paris from them are exceptional. If you are a first-time traveler to Paris, of course, you will want to visit the most famous landmarks of Paris, like Eiffel Tower or The Louvre. As it is indeed the main attraction of the city, these places always full of people all year around. That’s why you need to plan your trip meticulously to prevent yourself from wasting your holiday time by standing in line. You should check out their article that gave us a very detailed picture of what to expect when we visit The Louvre, how to choose the best time possible to visit, and they even gave use choices of the best entrance to go through with the least visitor so that we can avoid a too long line.

Speaking of Louvre, there is one interesting museum that you can visit, totally free of charge! It was listed here as one of the best free things to do in Paris, the Fragonard Museum of Perfume. This is a private museum owned by Fragonard, one of the best French perfume brand. You can follow a free guided tour through their collection and histories of perfume. Furthermore, if you want another experience involving perfumes, you can follow their workshop where they will show you how to make perfume from scratch!

By the way, if you are planning to visit several museums in Paris, you should consider getting the Paris Museum Pass that may be a good deal for you. As you may already know, Paris has more than one hundred museums; not only big art museums like Louvre or L’Orangerie, but also the less known museum that was not less interesting to visit. Get the complete guide of museums in Paris by INSIDR, and you will be an expert before you know it.

I’ve also stumbled upon a free guide about Paris at night. I found an interesting walking route to discover the city at night, the best location to catch a sunset picture, and even restaurants that open until late in the night. If you are into the nightlife, Paris obviously has the best one to offer. Bars and nightclub are everywhere in every part of the city. You can even find a lot of interesting hidden cocktail bars that certainly will be a unique experience. Check out this Paris night bus map before you do your adventure at night, to make sure you can get home safe. Don’t worry, you will still have several different choices, even late at night.

One night scene in Paris that I’ve found fascinating is the one about Moulin Rouge. As the worldly famous cabaret, this place has made its own reputation, but I’ve never actually known the story inside it. I’ve just found out that this year they were celebrating their 130th anniversary and it will be a right time to try their dinner-show as they also have a special dinner menu for this!

Another gem that you have to explore is their gastronomy. Either a savory meal or their infamous sweets and pastries, you wouldn’t want to miss them on your trip. The choice is basically unlimited, depends on your preference. From the Michelin star restaurant to the budget bistros, you can still get the best food experience in Paris. Some of the most popular budget Paris Michelin restaurants are: Septime, Benoit and La Table du 11. You could get some various flavor of crêpes as you would like for a lighter meal basically in every corner of the city. And if you’re craving to taste the goodness of French pastries, just pop in one of the best boulangeries in Paris and pick whatever you want. You can even join a cooking class to bring back not only the story of the savory meal, but also the skill to make it back home!