Incredible India – 30 Things to Know Before You Go

Known for its deep spiritual history and unbelievable beauty, India remains one of our customers’ top locations for a reason. No matter the type of vacationer you are, there’s something for you in this superb country — whether it’s the complex and flavourful cuisine or the uniquely colorful culture. Though it can be quite warm and humid in the summer months, we find that winter, autumn, and early spring are often the best times to explore everything the country has to offer.

Holidays in India suit a wide variety of tastes and preferences. If you enjoy busy, vibrant cities then you will be right at home any of the sprawling urban areas. Or if you want to relax outdoors, you can spend your time surrounded by the imposing Himalayas or relax on the beaches of Western India. A paradise for foodies, you can eat food unlike any other in some of Asia’s top restaurants or sample the regional flavors from food carts and street vendors. India’s history runs deep and the entire region is home to some of the most famous UNESCO Heritage sites.

If it’s your first time looking at India or even if it has been your dream destination for years, you should always try to learn as much as you can before departing. India is an enormous subcontinent and with so much to do, planning your journey can be a little daunting. To help you along, we’ve assembled this handy list of facts and attractions to consider when looking at this location, so that you can spend your time taking in the sights, rather than on last-minute bookings.