Why is Malta the new top 2019 tourist destination?

In the Mediterranean sea, somewhere in the south of Europe lies a sanctuary where people go to hide. The small island is also known as the Republic of Malta and it is only slightly more than 300km long but it has all commodities one need to refill the batteries. This island is close to Italy, but you would be surprised how many different languages you can hear there. This only means that people all around the world see Malta as a gem of the Mediterranean. We encourage you to go and check yourself but first, here is what awaits for you there.

It is usually considered that this country is only for young people eager to have fun while partying all night long. But nowadays it is all but that. Sure, you can find this as well, but there are some hidden places family people can go and avoid all the rush. That is way Malta became so popular among people all ages.

Talking about the sites to see on this Island is pointless. The 7000 years old history gives you so many choices that it would not be fair to mention only a couple in this article and leave the other ones in the dark. This is why we decided to give this role to the local tour guide if you decide to hire one.

Tourist that visited Malta once keep coming back. They say that the season to visit it is all year round which means there is no bad time to pay it a visit. This also means that there are no excuses, so start packing.

Before you finish closing your suitcases, check if you brought scuba diving equipment. If you don’t own one to be calm, you will be able to rent it on site. Why do you need it that much, you ask? Malta offers amazing diving tours and lessons around the islands rocky shore which will float you into another dimension.

If you happen to be a sports type, Malta offers amazing, green golf courses and stadiums where you can enjoy your favorite games all day long. For those who prefer laying in the sun, well, what is there to mention but popular beach bars that are open 24/7. Listen to your favorite music while slowly sipping some sweet drink and watching the golden sunset.

Famous fish markets will open up a new world to you and you will see species of fish you never thought existed before.