7 Tips For Best Family Vacation

Planning for a vacation with family is most exciting. Your bags filled with clothes and mind filled with fun ideas is an excellent combination. It is important that you consult everyone before you plan your trip. One can never forget to book the tickets, hotels and destination. A few tips you may not think of that when missed can interrupt your family vacation:

1. List it down: List down everything that you plan to and be prepared for the unplanned things to do. Keep the contact numbers of the car driver, travel agent, hotel booking and passport handy. Map your brain with the required things for the journey. The list should be kept till the time you do not return home.

2. Organize: The vacation would be enjoyable when you are organised. Keep everything set 2 days prior the journey, organise your clothes, kids diaper, toys and medicines in such a manner that you do not have to search in your luggage.


3. Lighten your bag: Load will cause stress and pain in your journey. Carry light clothes yet weather friendly. Divide the belongings like clothes in one bag and personal care in another bag. Do not create a mess. Things which are easily available should not be packed.

4. Portable: Most of the stations and tourist place doesn’t have the place to charge the phone. Mobile without battery is of no use. It is advisable to carry a portable charge (power bank) for your mobile.

Family running on beach at sunset, rear view

5. Act local and be local: The journey would be surprising if you do not act local. The weather and the seasons keep changing enjoy the weather be it summer or spring. Adjust yourself and your family with the local weather and clothing. Communicate in the local the language to keep your journey smooth by not losing your way. Step out and step in with the local time.

6. Explore: It’s the time that you decide to be with your family enjoy to the best. Explore as much as you can look for the options and create excitement. Find out the places that would be enjoyed by locals to make it more adventurous. When you’re booking your accommodations, many owners will offer great advice you won’t get in a travel guide. I found this example of a site owned by locals when looking at activities in Whistler for a trip – https://www.whistlerretreats.com/local-attractions/. They even include stuff to do on rainy days – I wouldn’t have found that on Yelp.


7. Keep the cash ready: When you reach the destination keep cash in hand. Be familiar with the local currency. Do not over over-spend when you first get there, keep money for the end of the journey. In case you want to use the ATM check with your own bank if they have availability near your destination. ATM withdrawal from other banks may pinch your pocket.

Conclusion: Every time spent with family is the most memorable moment capture them all and cherish the album later.

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I am a passionate travel blogger and my main life goal is to travel around the world. Exploring tourist destinations has always been on my mind so I chose to study this field at the UNWE university in Sofia, Bulgaria where my major was Economy of tourism.