Barcelona on a Super-Tiny Budget

How to do Barcelona on a tiny budget

Barcelona remains to be one of Europe’s top destinations. The weather is nice all year round—not too hot and not too cold—which means you can pack light on clothing and go easy on the luggage. Barcelona is a city that takes pride in its wide, open spaces that invite for the great outdoors or just simply relax and spend a laid-back afternoon sitting on the benches that are lined-up in its majestic squares. Most of all, many of Barcelona’s tourist spots can be seen for free which makes this city one of the best picks when traveling Europe on a budget.

  • La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and everything Gaudi: The trip to Barcelona is never complete without visiting the famous architectural works of Antoni Gaudi whose exceptional contribution to architectural heritage is tagged as the pride of Spain. From enchanting gardens to glorious churches, Gaudi’s brilliance reflects outstanding universal value. La Sagrada De Familia, though unfinished, is Barcelona’s most famous church and monument and attracts about 3 million tourists a year. Meanwhile, Park Guell showcases most of the city’s highlights such as the Mosaic Salamander. There are seven Gaudi works worthy of a visit, all with ticket prices that are easy to the pocket.
  • Guided tours: Guided tours allow you to witness the majority of the city’s must-see. Guided tours are offered in varied packages and you get the one that best suits your budget. Often, guided tours are given special discounts on entrance fees which make them worth considering because of the high savings you will get. Meanwhile, there are also free guided tours that work on a tip basis, and you only have to give a tip if you feel that the tour guide did an excellent job in assisting you in your Barcelona tour.


  • Barcelona festivals: Joining the city’s festivals is one of the ways to get to know and immerse in Barcelona’s colorful and interesting culture, cuisine, nightlife, and lifestyle in general.  Parades give life to the streets filled with people, both locals and tourists. One of the city’s biggest and highly-anticipated festivals is Festes de la Merce which happens every September to honor Barcelona’s patron saint Virgin de la Merce.
  • Museums: If you are into historical, cultural, and art museums, you will be delighted to learn that Barcelona has a great line-up of it. Though most of the museums here have an entrance fee, some museums are free-for-all during Saturdays and special holidays.


  • Food and accommodation: Barcelona is home to great numbers of hostels, inns, and bed & breakfast all offering competitive accommodation rates for budgeted tourists. Despite the relatively low rate, these budget-friendly accommodations have interesting amenities that make you relaxed and comfortable at the end of the day. If you do not want to splurge on food, you may make use of the kitchen of the hostel and cook your food. Meanwhile, sit-down restaurants are the ones to be avoided if you have a budget to follow.