Yellowknife, Canada

The capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories is Yellowknife, a lovely compact city that sits on the north portion of the Great Slave Lake. Best known as a gold mining city, Yellowknife has now evolved into one of Canada’s most-interesting cities as proven by the number of visitors going in and out all year round. The small-town feel is still very evident despite its fast track to development, which is a feature that endears everyone.

Hotels, shopping centers, and international food chains found its way to the commercial areas, creating a harmonious blend to Yellowknife’s famous old town where ancient aboriginal history and the heritage society are the highlights.  Being in the remote yet scenic region of the Canadian Shield paves the way to some of the country’s most stunning natural wonders, where outdoor pursuits like nature tripping, hiking, trailing and hunting are bound to take place.  With so much to discover and explore in Yellowknife, this destination truly results in a getaway like no other.

Yellowknife is a picture of a perfect adventure no matter the season is. Summer days are never monotonous, thanks to the impeccable climate that makes boating, canoeing, fishing, camping, hunting and other upbeat activities happen near and around the Great Slave Lake. The Yellowknife Bay, on the other hand, plays venue to passive and relaxing moments such as picnicking, bird-watching, and sun-lounging.  Parks and lush open spaces in the likes of Fred Henne Park are for people who enjoy trekking and trailing. When the cold days arrive, the famous Yellowknife Ski Club gets busy, living up to its name as the city’s center of skiing activities. It is here where the Ski Club trails and the skiing spot used in international competitions are found.

Because the snow here is clean, there is no reason to head outdoors and enjoy snowmobile driving, dog-sledding, cross-country skiing, and the rest of thrilling winter activities. Meanwhile, viewing aurora borealis is an absolute must when in Yellowknife. A big chunk of visitors come in this city for this enchanting sight alone. Yellowknife is very fortunate to be the best location for viewing this marvel, where long nights permit the spectators to view the contrasting shades of mauve, green, and red as they dance and dominate the dark skies. The clever way to not miss out on the amazing natural phenomenon, also called the northern lights, is to join in aurora tours.

Traveling by air, despite old-fashioned, is still the best way to enter Yellowknife. Private boat travel via the Great Slave Lake can be done as well, but with certain conditions and restrictions by the changing seasons. Once in Yellowknife, getting around can be very easy, as the city is small-sized and easy to explore. The city of Yellowknife is very tourist-friendly and one can easily find a hotel, restaurant, and travel tours that match the budget.