National Park Bohemian, Switzerland

Unveil Nature’s Splendid Landscape in This Side of Europe

A majestic landscape encompassing lush valleys and virgin forests best describes a luscious nature spot that is Bohemian Switzerland. Its mystical appeal marked as one of Europe’s treasures, where rock mountains, labyrinths, ravines, and walls give balance to its awe-inspiring landscape. Also, home to the region’s rarest flora and fauna, Bohemian Switzerland’s comforting beauty is worth seeing.

With proximity to Czech, the border of Germany, Bohemian Switzerland is where the fascinating formation of nature comes to life. Tourists get excited about everything Bohemian Switzerland has to offer—from sight-seeing earth’s natural beauty to feasting on the local culinary. Visitors have a wide option on where to stay for the night as there are cottages, apartments, and chic yet affordable hotels in Hrensko and other nearby villages.  Here is tranquil vacation happens, where the demands and pressures of life never existed.

One of the prominent spots in Bohemian Switzerland is the Elbe River Canyon considered as Europe’s grandest sandstone canyon. The overwhelming sight makes it a perfect route for hiking, trailing, and cycling, where huge rocks between hills serve as the backdrop. The cracks created by rains and winds made the rocks’ surface sticky which enables people to climb from one rock to the next without special equipment required—something that gives adventure-seekers a different kind of high. Bohemian Switzerland has about 700 summits to offer rock and mountain climbers, while for those who prefer passive activities, the 400 sq meters gorgeous hiking trails are there to accommodate.

Europe’s largest sandstone arch is also here in Bohemian Switzerland, the Pravčická brána, which stands to a mighty height of 52 feet and spreads as wide as 26 feet. Here is where Fire Rock is found whose interesting sun-shape is believed to be due to a lightning strike.  Bohemian Switzerland is wrapped by the incredible natural beauty that artists and filmmakers make this place a part of their destination as well. Several of the remarkable landscape scenes in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe were shot in the Pravčická brána.

The easiest way to reach Bohemian Switzerland is through the nearest town Hrensko which is also a tourist hub in its own right. Tourists coming from the border side of Czech reach Hrensko through bus, while there are also trains coming from Dresden which makes a stop at Schona. Meanwhile, visitors coming from Prague access Hrensko through the nearby town Decin. Hrensko is a perfect pre-tour or post-tour destination and in fact, the trip to Bohemian Switzerland will never be complete without sight-seeing the town’s historic villages and ancient wooden cottages, or hiking through its luscious nature parks and steeped canyons.