Charleston, WV

Charleston is the state capital and the largest city in West Virginia. Its stunning natural scenery, interesting culture, and rich history are only a few of the reasons why this city is desired by discerning tourists. Here is a city that promises a myriad of attractions whatever the season is. May it be a relaxing getaway or an outdoorsy vacation, Charleston is the destination to beat.

The State Capitol will easily captivate you, thanks to its timeless 20th-century design and majestic dome made of 23-karat gold. Note that the dome’s intimidating size made it the biggest in the country.  Within the bounds of The Capitol are famous city landmarks, such as the West Virginia Culture Center, West Virginia State Museum, the Holly Grove Mansion and the Governor’s Mansion. If you wish to learn Charleston’s culture in a single trip, joining The State Capitol guided tour is a brilliant idea.

Charleston is your best bet when it comes to outdoor pursuits, and what better way to start it than the Midland Trail, better known as U.S. Route 60.The road grants miles upon miles of splendid scenery that surely makes your eyes feast. Route 60’s spectacular views serve as a wonderful backdrop in your hiking, biking, or walking activities, or simply stop at any point and have a picnic amidst the stunning scenery. And of course, Charleston is the proud home of Kanawha State Forest, a 9,300-acre recreational paradise known for its virgin forests, wildflowers, and bird sanctuaries. Most of West Virginia’s popular picnic grounds and camping sites are in Kanawha. Its remote location is your ideal place for relaxation, as well as carrying out passive activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing.

When you go out for a vacation, one of the activities you look forward to is shopping and dining. If you want to have it all in just one round, head to Charleston Town Center Mall, where almost 130 specialty shops and 3 grand department stores bring delight to your day. There are also fine restaurants here, as well as impressive landscaped greenery and a 3-story waterfall. Charleston may not have a distinct local cuisine, but with the city’s wide variety of culinary, this place is a haven for food lovers.

Your all-time favorites are not hard to find since chains such as Red Lobster, TGI Fridays, and Outback are found in every turn. Specialty restaurants, on the other hand, are worth trying. Pies and Pints are known for affordable and delectable pizzas, Tide Water Grill is famous for its fresh seafood, and Soho’s raves for its authentic Italian dishes. From local to international, budget to high-end, there is something that will fill your tummy and please your palate.