Charleston, SC

Charleston has been voted “America’s Best City” not just once, but thrice, for several valid reasons. As a seaport region in South Carolina, here is where southern comforts are very much felt. The people are friendly and welcoming, and with a resort-like appeal sans the noise and crowd, the city is very much ideal for a relaxed and laid-back holiday. With its wealth of attractions ranging from historic districts to nature spots, from shopping hubs to seafood restaurants, there is surely something that makes your visit an adventure to remember.

One of Charleston’s biggest pride is its history and culture. Excellent guided trips, such as the Old Charleston Walking Tours and Gullah Tours, take you back in time to have a glimpse of how the city was like during the old days. If you want to see the city the old-fashioned way, carriage tours are the way to be. Long and winding cobblestone streets, elegant ancient mansions, century-old churches, warfare displays, museums, and galleries are only some of the elements that define the city’s love for its history.

Just a few minutes from the Downtown are splendid beaches to bask in. Head to the Folly Beach and discover why many tourists unwind and loosen up in this spot. The swift waves and warm waters are inviting for a delightful swim and easy surf. Folly Beach is a casual beach, a perfect venue to feel the fine sands, to beach-lounge, or to embrace the warmth of the sun. But if you prefer the upscale and luxurious type, where high-end restaurants and world-class amenities are present, there’s the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island.

Charleston is the proud home of the famed Arthur Ravenel Bridge, North America’s longest and grandest cable-stay bridge. Pass there during the daytime and you will witness an uninterrupted view of the majestic Copper River, bike in the late afternoon to have a glimpse of the sunset, or have a relaxing stroll at night and feel the romantic air the elegantly-lit bridge delivers.

If you have the penchant for rare finds and specialty items, then you should not miss the historic Charleston City Market, situated in a stunning complex that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and recognized by the state as a National Historic Landmark. Charleston City Market is popular among tourists, as this is the best place to score regional items, unique souvenirs, home-baked goodies, organic products, and other specialized items. If you crave for more, there’s the Farmer’s Market along Marion Square and a street market on King Street. If you are into upscale malls, you will be thrilled with the shopping malls located in the Downtown.

With all these dramatic features simultaneously happening in Charleston, there is no doubt why it is one of the country’s best destinations. Charleston only guarantees wonderful experiences and lifelong memories, so do not hesitate to choose this city on your next holiday.