Burlington, VT

Burlington, nicely sitting on Lake Champlain, is Vermont’s largest city. As the state’s cosmopolitan center for trade and business, Burlington has a mix of urban vibe and small-town charm. With its scenic surroundings, fascinating history, delectable culinary, welcoming people, and other elements appealing to out-of-towners, Burlington becomes one of the most-visited spots of the state.

The scene in the Downtown is ideal for a relaxed and laid-back holiday. Sitting near the majestic lake, the Downtown is where you can slow things down, sip freshly brewed coffee or home-made wine, and listen to the live performance in the background. If you adore ancient architecture, strolling along its streets leads you to beautiful churches and nicely-built Buddhist centers. Downtown is pretty compact, and to see it by foot or by cycling is the best way to do discover its irresistible features.

Mother Nature loves the city of Burlington, and she has blessed it with beautiful mountains ideal for climbing and hiking. If you are a beginner in hiking or have kids in tow, Mount Philo is the one for you. If you are up for the challenge, then head to Mount Mansfield or Camel’s Hump. Once you reach the summit, your eyes will feast with the scenic and uninterrupted views of the Champlain Valley.  If your idea of adventure is cliff-jumping into the ice-cold waters, then the cliffs of Red Rocks Park must be in your bucket list. And of course, the waterfront of Lake Champlain is a major draw, where you can take a cruise, kayak, and engage in some thrilling water sports. From the mountains down to the waters, Burlington has everything for adventure-seekers and outdoorsy people.

Burlington is a huge ecosystem that gives sanctuary to hundreds of fish species and some of the world’s oldest coral reefs. To have an instant view of the wonders of the deep lake, it’s best to visit ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. This is one of Burlington’s major attractions, and its interactive science museum features about 70 varied species, hands-on activities, and engaging programs to keep you busy throughout your tour.

Burlington may be the hometown of the world-famous Ben & Jerry’s, but there is more to this city than this super-premium ice cream. The city takes pride in its local gourmet chocolate, the Lake Champlain Chocolate, which has been making waves for over 30 years. Fine restaurants also dot the city, and their sumptuous offerings are the reasons why the dining scene is vibrant and busy. Worth trying are the restaurants that become favorites of locals and tourists, such as The Farm House Tap and Grill, Leunig’s Bistro, The Skinny Pancake, American Flat Bread, Penny Cluse Café, and Trattoria Delia among others.

Factors leading to a memorable getaway are enough of a reason why Burlington must be your next destination. A holiday that is hard to forget is what Burlington is all about, and whether traveling solo, with a special someone, with family or friends, this city only promises memories worth treasuring.