Buffalo, NY

Just the fact that Buffalo sits along the Niagara Frontier makes it a very fascinating place. As the second-largest city in the New York State, Buffalo is teeming with wonders and surprises, represented by its scenic attractions, cultural spots, awesome nightlife, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. It cannot be denied that historical structures dominate the city, but its modernity and urban appeal is very much present. With all these happening in Buffalo, you have all the reasons to visit this impressively beautiful city.

Buffalo’s awesome location gives easy access to one of the world’s wonders, the Niagara Falls State Park, also named as America’s Oldest Park. Similarly, it is the proud home of the phenomenal Eternal Flames Falls, a small falls tucked deep within the equally fascinating Chestnut Ridge Park. The park can also be your venue for outdoor activities such as hiking, trailing, and picnicking. When winter comes, the park becomes your most ideal spot for skiing, snowmobiling, and sledding.

The majority of the astonishing large parks in Buffalo, such as the Delaware Park and the South Park, are courtesy of Frederick Law Olmsted, the popular landscape artist and garden designer of Central Park in New York and Emerald Necklace in Boston. Delaware Park is Buffalo’s grandest park, famous for its breathtaking views and great venues for golf, basketball, and tennis, as well as the city’s various festivals. Meanwhile, the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens has an extensive collection of rare plants and colorful flowers, as well as inviting spots such as the Palm Dome, the Florida Everglades Pavilion, the Rose Garden, and the Orchid House to name a few.

If you have children in tow, let them craft their adventure in Buffalo Zoological Gardens.  Named as the third oldest zoo in America, the 23-acre property gives sanctuary to over 1,000 animals your children can have close encounters with, such as polar bears, reindeers, and Indian rhinos among others. The Spirit of Buffalo is an absolute-must for that nostalgic sailing experience, where you are bound to discover the old world through the 73-foot traditional sailing vessel. Your kids will love the “Pirate Cruise” where treasure hunting, pirate encounters, and face painting are the highlights. For a romantic sail, there’s the “Wind and Wine” cruise which has the sunset viewing and wine tasting as the main happenings.

Spending the holiday in Buffalo will never be complete without knowing its relevant past, so do not hesitate to visit the city’s famous historical destinations. The Fort of Niagara, spanning 300 years of history, can be your first stop. This fort is the home of the region’s oldest buildings such as the French Castle, and other remarkable historic structures. There is no room for monotony in Fort Niagara, thanks to tour guides in costumes, re-enactments, scenic surroundings, picnic areas, souvenir shops and dining spots. Other historic attractions not to miss include Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Museum, Nash House Museum, and Karpeles Manuscript Library.