Boise, ID

Boise is rather known as The City of Trees, but do not let the sprawling of high-tech structures and modern buildings confuse you. As Idaho’s capital and largest city, its economy is definitely on the rise, hence the sprawl of factories, buildings, and complexes; yet, the city has effectively maintained the picturesque natural scenery that encircles it. Have a short and easy hike into the foothills and you will instantly understand why such nickname is given to Boise: lush trees and rich canopy beautifully spread from the Downtown’s west up across the valley’s foot welcome you, a captivating sight that is hard to beat.

Boise is blessed to have rich natural assets that serve as perfect spots for outdoor pursuits. Boise River will never be out of the scene, as it is an in-demand spot for inner tubing and other passive and extreme water sports. On both sides of the river is the Greenbelt, an 850-acre recreational gem and natural area best for hiking, cycling, and training. Easily accessed from here are spots worth-visiting such as the Julia Davis Park, the Boise Art Museum, Boise Discovery Center, the Idaho State Museum, and the Zoo Boise, alongside many local restaurants and quaint shops.

Boise is home to some of Idaho’s world-class resorts, particularly the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, where fun and thrill are delivered all year through. If you visit on a summer, the famed resorts become your destination for hiking, camping, golf, river rafting, and fishing; and when blankets of snow start to cover the mountains, the resorts become a haven for all sorts of snow and ski activities. In any given time, the enchanting mountain sceneries never fail to impress.

Barber Park is one of the favorite parks in Boise, and it has become famous for the variety of wildlife it houses including bald eagles, elks, deer, hawks, and similar rare animals. Another top-rated park is the Kathryn Albertson Park which is known for its wetland habitat, elegant gazebos and fountains, and paved walkways. And if you want your eyes to feast on the magnificent arrangement of flower gardens, head to the Idaho Botanical Garden.  If you are nature-lover, you surely will not get enough of what Boise offers.

The colorful past of Boise is worth knowing, and visiting the city’s important historical sites completes the getaway. The Basque Block is an interesting place to be, where a museum, an old-fashioned market, local restaurants, vintage signage, and some street art assist you in tracing the remarkable Basque influence.  The cultural center, on the other hand, is where the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial is seen; and for a different kind of historical tour, you may visit Old Idaho State Penitentiary and have a feel of its prison cells.

Boise is your best bet if you want a vacation packed with historical relevance, cultural interests, and outdoor adventure. With so much to do and see, you surely will have the best times of your life in the awe-inspiring spots of this city. So whether you are a solo traveler or visiting with a special one, with family or with friends, Boise is an excellent option for a winning holiday.