Billings, Montana

Being Montana’s largest city, Billings has become the best venue to carry out the state’s signature events such as regional festivals, rodeo shows, sports fest, and other lively happenings. Accentuated with scenic beauty and old-town charm, as well as a perfect weather all year round, touring all the interesting spots of Billings becomes inviting, easily making the city one of the tourist-friendly destinations in America.

Whether the trip is for a weekend getaway or a long holiday, the Billings trip surely will result in an experience like no other. If traveling with kids, not to be missed is the state’s only true zoo, the Zoo Montana, situated just ten miles away from Billings Downtown. The zoo has a vast collection of rare animals, including the crowd’s favorite, the Siberian Tiger.

Natural treasures of the city become ideal for family-oriented activities as well, such as its rivers and lakes that permit fishing opportunities. The Yellowstone River is one of the sought-after spots in Billings, and on the sides of the Yellowstone River, there are park systems that let people carry out outdoor activities such as hiking and trailing, and passive recreation like picnic and camping.  Additionally, there’s Chief Plenty Coups State Park where, aside from introducing the history of the Apsáalooke people, has playgrounds for kids, picnic grounds, campsites, and some easy hiking trails. The natural beauty, soothing atmosphere, and fresh mountain air are evenly spread all over Billings, equating to a relaxed getaway like no other.

The historic district is an interesting place to see. Here, old-fashioned buildings and classic architecture are well-preserved, giving delight to those who have a penchant for history and yesteryear happenings. One of the nicely-preserved brick-made buildings in the district is the Northern Pacific Train Depot. Meanwhile, another worthy spot is the Western Heritage Center, an establishment famous for its numerous displays and exhibits about the Native Americans, their history, and their early days in Billings.  Located within the premises of the Billings Library, the visit to the heritage center is not just about viewing but also learning.

When in Billings, the Pictograph Cave State Park is not to be missed, as this popular tourist destination serves as an evidence of early habitation, where pre-historic archeological pieces and impressive cave paintings are housed. Also, it is just right to include the Yellowstone Art Museum as well, for here is where the collection of Rocky Mountain West’s art, ranging from historic to modern, are widely displayed.

Visitors who adore shopping will surely love the commercial and shopping areas of Billings. The city pretty much offers everything, and there are shops, big and small, found in every corner. The crowd-pleaser would be Billings’ indoor mall due to its excellent network of boutiques and unique stores. And of course, no shopping enthusiast leaves the city without visiting the Rimrock Mall, the largest mall of the state.