Wyoming, USA

Wyoming’s distinct beauty is characterized by breathtaking mountain ranges, vast lush spaces, and stunning high deserts, just the perfect equation for a nature-inspired and relaxing getaway. Wyoming is a state not to miss when traveling in the United States, and its plethora of attractions is more than enough to achieve a memorable and one of a kind holiday.

Nature sight-seeing is no doubt one of the reasons why Wyoming is such a hit to travelers. Here is where you can see all sorts of nature’s wonders, ranging from mountain peaks to majestic waters. In Wyoming, the magnificence of nature is best experienced through its parks and vast spaces. Yellowstone National Park, for one, is the best venue for witnessing the state’s scenic views, and discerning travelers unanimously agree that to see this incredible park highlights the Wyoming experience.

Meanwhile, the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area comprised of sleek, towering cliffs of over 1,000 above the clear, blue waters. Bighorn, because of its irresistible appeal, is a favorite subject among photographers, while people who love the outdoors enjoy its premises through hiking, fishing, and camping. Another attraction worth noting is the Hot Springs State Park, where therapeutic baths houses are aplenty due to mineral hot springs that flow from Bighorn. With miles and miles of hiking trails, Hot Springs State Park is one of the best places to carry out the great outdoors.

The Grand Teton Park is another place visitors should not dare miss when in Wyoming. With some of the state’s exotic wildlife within its bounds, not to mention its unbelievable natural beauty, The Grand Teton Park is the place to be. Meanwhile, Teton Village gets popular as the summer season approaches, as it is here where an array of swimming, dining, and shopping facilities is found. When winter comes, the village becomes ski enthusiasts’ favorite destination. During winter, the best way to sight its magical scenery is through the two and a half mile aerial tram, one of the premier attractions of the Teton Village.

Another gem is the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. As the United States’ major fishing destination, the 201,000 acres attraction is a feast to the eyes due to the scenic nature that surrounds it. The best fishing opportunities are in Flaming Gorge, and coupled with an inviting climate, this part of the country becomes a haven to fishing enthusiasts.   One of the state’s famous landmarks is the Devil’s Tower National Monument, and its undeniable beauty is known to the world. The visitor center offers interactive exhibits that are truly enjoyable, as well as displays that feature relevant information that tells how the tower is formed. Surrounded by picturesque sight and vast, lush grounds, this spot is where families can enjoy various recreational activities as well.

There is a long list of why Wyoming is a must-see place in America, and apart from touristic places, its dining scene is worth knowing as well. Jackson, the state’s prominent city, boasts of restaurants ranging from Japanese food to seafood. Take note, however, that Wyoming’s famous dish is steak, and the best and authentic ones are found in quaint and local eateries found in the region’s small cities.