Vermont, USA – Four Seasons Place

Vermont, sitting in the lovely New England region, maybe one of America’s smallest state but do not let the geographical size deceive you, as behind its small proportion lies stunning autumn foliage and awesome skiing sites which make Vermont world-famous.  With a network of attractions to see ranging from natural wonders to business and historic districts, a Vermont getaway will surely grant you a memorable travel experience.

Topping the itinerary of the Vermont getaway must nature trips, for the natural treasures of Vermont, are worth witnessing. The spectacular autumn foliage must be the state’s most renowned attractions. It is in Vermont where  Lake Champlain, the sixth biggest bodies of water of America, is found. Further, the Green Mountains, the Connecticut River, and Mount Mansfield are some of the famous natural features of Vermont, paving the way to exciting outdoor activities, nature trips, and other recreational happenings. Because the state is mostly rural, valleys, hills, rivers, and lush fields are common sights in Vermont.

There is so much to see in Vermont, and if there are time constraints, it is wise to prioritize the state’s top and world-known attractions. One among the state’s roster of tourist destinations in the Smugglers Notch State Park that also serves as the main gateway to the majestic Bingham Falls. The park has campgrounds, picnic areas, and historic structures. Further, Vermont has an abundance of mountain ranges that makes it an ideal place for skiing, hiking, trailing, and other mountain activities.

Vermont is where one of America’s most unconventional museums is found, the Shelburne Museum. The museum has about 38 display areas for exhibiting over 150,000 art pieces such as decorative art, textile, and furniture among others. Another museum worth seeing is the Montshire Museum of Science, where everything about science, nature, and animals are to be discovered. There is a park within the museum called Science Park where water exhibits, gardens, and woodlands are seen. And among the historical museums in Vermont, the most famous one must be the Hildene, the home of the Lincoln family. The estate’s garden is one of its most stunning features, as well as its farms that where animal petting is encouraged.

Travel will never be complete without experiencing a little bit of shopping, that is why when visiting Vermont, the Church Street Marketplace is an absolute must. This pedestrian shopping and dining hub is lined-up with quaint shops offering local art and craft, as well as interesting restaurants serving Vermont’s well-loved cuisine. Meanwhile, if the tour happens in winter, the Jay Peak Resort is the best place to be for skiing aficionado. The resort transforms into an inviting waterpark as the summer season comes, where visitors of all ages can have a fun-filled day of swimming, climbing, and surfing among other things.

Lastly, what completes the Vermont experience is trying out the foods that make the state known to the world: maple syrup and cheddar cheeses. Food lovers are fond of visiting Burlington, where most of the fine, interesting, and noteworthy restaurants are found. Conversely, its small towns like Plainfield and Hardwick, are famous for the farm-to-table dining experience. The state is also famous for its microbreweries and it pays to visit some of its traditional brewing stations, like Vermont Pub and Brewery and Green Mountain Cidery.