South Carolina

South Carolina is known as one of the most beautiful states of America. Enveloped by scenic mountain views and stunning coastlines, not to mention its rich heritage and delightful cuisine, South Carolina is an absolute must to any discerning traveler. Coupled with unbeatable hospitality, South Carolina is the best place to be.

Because this lovely state has a multitude of attractions, spending some time off in South Carolina is the best getaway one can ever have. Boasting with scenic natural elements, exploring the beauty of nature is one of the things-to-do when in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is the state’s frequently-visited destinations where miles and miles of sandy beaches, golf courses, and sources of entertainment are found. It is in this area where Waccatee Zoo, Ripley’s Aquarium, Waves Water Park, Children’s Museum, Nascar Speedpark, and Pavilion Nostalgia Park are located. A place for visitors of all ages, visiting Myrtle Beach and all the attractions that surround it is an absolute must when in South Carolina.

South Carolina is proud to have one of America’s grandest public gardens, the Brookgreen Gardens. With eye-catching sculptures, fresh landscapes, lush greenery and majestic oaks, there is no garden as beautiful as the Brookgreen Gardens. Additionally, the oldest garden of the country is also in South Carolina, the Magnolia Plantation Gardens, which is famous for its vibrant and colorful flowers that serve as perfect backdrops in a relaxing and laid-back afternoon. Both gardens offer tour programs and customized activities to suit varying ages and preferences.

When it comes to historical places, nothing beats Charleston, the state’s historic port city. As the oldest city of South Carolina, the cobblestone streets of Charleston are beautifully lined-up with highly-preserved ancient houses, churches, museums, and galleries. The strong nostalgic air in Charleston never fails to bring back memories of the significant past, showing how the state played a huge role in the country’s history. Georgetown, also an old city, is worthy to be seen as it also houses restaurants, shops and a lot of historic attractions.

South Carolina never fails to satisfy children, the reason why the state is ideal for a whole-family affair. The little ones will surely be delighted to be in Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, one of the best zoos in America. They will have thrilling moments as they get up-close with exotic and rare animals, where they can pet and touch them or watch their awesome shows. Next to the zoo, the Wild Water – Water and Race Theme Park is where children love to be. More than just a haven of swimming pools, this attraction also has miniature golf, go-kart rides, and other thrill-giving facilities. There is also the Carowinds Theme Park, another amusement and theme park found in South Carolina. With attractions that cater to the young and young at heart, families have all the reasons to travel to South Carolina.